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  1. gunny

    SOLD - 2014 CB500X for sale - like new - Price Reduced to $4750

    For Sale: 2014 Honda CB500X. In "like-new" condition. Less than 100 miles on the bike, and under full warranty. I bought this bike about a month ago with no test ride. The riding position/ergonomics just don't suit me, and I've decided to sell it while it's still in new condition. It's...
  2. gunny

    OEM and Aftermarket Windscreens for sale - ***ALL SOLD***

    I've experimented with many shields over the 3 years that I've owned my S10, and the tallest National Cycle V-stream has worked out the best for me. As a result, I've decided to sell the other shields that I've used, to raise some money to buy my FJ-09 next year ::012::. If you're interested...