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  1. ucwinters

    FS: 2014 Super Tenere (non-ES) $7,100

    Price: $7,100 Location: Kerrville, Texas 2nd owner, bought this 12/16 with 1,600 miles on odometer; current mileage 16,832 Clear title No damage history (dropped once at gas pump w/ small scuff to right mirror) Accessories: Yamaha OEM crash bars, VStream windscreen (also have OEM), Slipstream...
  2. ucwinters

    SOLD: Terry's Custom Seat

    I had this seat done by Terry on 4/22/17 as a ride-in appt at his shop in Manchester, TN while enroute to Helen, GA. Front seat was completely redone w/ the bucket style using a subtle blue thread in the stitching work - have to be up close to tell that the thread is blue. The rear seat was...
  3. ucwinters

    Castrol Power1 4T 10-40W synthetic oil on sale My local store didn't have it in stock so ordered it to be shipped to the house - 5 quarts meets the amount needed to...
  4. ucwinters

    FS: Schuberth E1 Crossfire Helmet XXl *SOLD*

    Bought this helmet from Chromeburner 6/2017. No dings/scratches/drops/damages. Came w/ clear faceshield w/ pinlock shield. Later bought the Schuberth iridium faceshield for $100+ (both shields included in sale). Has drop down inner visor. Since this is the European version, there is no...
  5. ucwinters

    *SOLD* UClear Force HBC 200 D (dual pack)

    Sold on Adventure Rider Forum Have used this w/o any problems on my helmet and wife's helmet. She doesn't ride (much) anymore and I'm more concerned w/ preserving my hearing than listening to tunes via Bluetooth or getting phone calls at this point. Includes part of a UClear UAP200 accessory kit...
  6. ucwinters

    *Sold* Seahorse SE540 Case

    Bought this with the intentions of using as a topcase on my S10 but decided to use something bigger. Has keyed locks on both latches. Listed as being watertight, airtight and dustproof. Other than taking it out of the box, has seen no use. I.D.: 13.5" x 9.8" x 8.75" O.D.: 14.9" x 12.13" x 9.58"...
  7. ucwinters

    New Seat!

    On my recent trip to Helen, GA, I had a ride-in appointment with Terry's Custom Seats in Manchester, TN. Terry Adcox redid the front seat and a recover of the rear seat. While the new seat isn't nirvana, it's a 98% improvement over the stock foam/shape for me and I'm pleased w/ his work. It's...
  8. ucwinters

    WTB: Happy Trails SU Racks

    If anyone has a set of these for the S10 that they'd like to sell, let me know. Thanks!
  9. ucwinters

    Hello from Texas!

    Newb here looking for a gently used gen II (probably a 2014 non ES). Recently sold my 2014 FJR and will be selling my 2016 Burgman 650 - the ol' back just can't take the bumps/jolts anymore. Not looking to ride to Tierra del Fuego - just for a dependable m/c w/ good suspension and upright...