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  1. surfinpig

    Need help on road trip, Asheville area.

    I'm on a road trip with the fiancé, I think I'm having the off idle stumble issue on my 2013 and I'm out of warranty. Author Topic: Airscrew Adjustment to fix off-idle stumble and Throttle Body Sync - w/ pigtails is a tread I found that I think will fix my issue. Has anyone in the region done...
  2. surfinpig

    throttle bumping/jolting help

    so the past few days I'm crushing down a country road and the bike starts jolting. it as if I'm at cruse speed and barley on the throttle and its a the idle then slight twist to be at crusing speed but keeps backing off causing the bike to jolt. of throttle is closed then slight twist to keep a...
  3. surfinpig

    U joint Gaurd.

    We'll above mentioned caught me at a red light today, over I went. I found altrider version, what else is out there? GO
  4. surfinpig

    BROKEN oil pan, need SKID plate!

    Well I Just finished a 7 day 2000 mile trip with a lot of breaks visiting friends states away. Got home, unpacked and pulled in to my garage. I recently bought the house and need to make a ramp to get into the garage. So I have to pretty much drive her up a large curb to get in. Today I smacked...
  5. surfinpig

    Tenere Down

    So last night was the first time I went down on my tenere,,,,375 miles on her. Rookie mistake. The great city of Philadelphia is getting around to fix pot holes and craters from this winter. So on my way home from work, a turn I make every night, I make a right at an intersection and loose my...
  6. surfinpig

    Finally picked one up in Philadelphia.

    Hello all. I've been a member for some time but finally pulled the trigger yesterday. i decided to get the fast one "white" and not a es. didn't want all the electronics. holy crap is this bike awesome. pissed i waited so long.
  7. surfinpig

    Going to pull the trigger

    So I've decided to sell/trade my 2012 victory cross country tour. I dressed that thing out and just can't keep the urge for a tenere suppressed. I started this quest in 2011 with a 04 hd/ fxdwg and a 09 klr I bought in 2011. I rode the crap out of that Klr and fell in love with the SUV of...