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  1. loftybob

    Life in the slow lane

    Put my name down for one of these very limited (500 Olive Drab ones made) Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 singles. Was overjoyed when I found out I had one reserved. Especially when I heard the Indian market of 250 units, sold out in 27 seconds on the web. Got to pick it up today, and ride it back...
  2. loftybob

    At long last...New S10 owner in Seattle

    I wish we got that colour in Australia, congrats and enjoy
  3. loftybob

    Back again in oz

    Congrats on the new ride mate, well done
  4. loftybob

    Windshield width

    I'm sure the Yamaha touring screen is wider, not sure by how much, problem is, it is also higher so may rule out that option for you.
  5. loftybob

    Mounting options for Garmin Zumo 595

    I went straight to a power hub for my connection, mounted the Zumo on the cross bar with a locking Touratech mount.
  6. loftybob

    Aux lighting: What am I missing?

    In the land downunder, where everything from Wombats, Koala's, emus's, kangaroo's, wild horses, cattle, and camels, comes out at night to play, having excellent night time vision is essential. I went for Cyclops LED headlight bulb replacement, 10" Aurora LED light bar, and a set of Denali D4...
  7. loftybob

    Headlight replacement question

    As the picture shows, they do come with extended caps which I found easy to fit and ample room. But others have had trouble fitting everything inside the bucket. Just read the instructions carefully, and you can't go wrong.
  8. loftybob

    Big ADV bike comparison

    I don't give a shit about reviews, it's how the bike makes me feel that I care about, how reliable it is, how long will it last me, how cheap it is to maintain, this is why I own a Super Tenere
  9. loftybob

    A Month Long Ride

    Awesome trip, must get over there one day
  10. loftybob

    Headlight replacement question

    I have them fitted to my ride here in Aus, where our wildlife at night take great pleasure in trying to be your pillion. They are great, very happy with them. Make sure you spend the extra $$$ to get the LED marker lights as well, to keep the color of your headlight looking the same .
  11. loftybob

    New guy in Kansas

    Welcome to the forum, and congrats on the new ride
  12. loftybob

    Are fork leg guards necessary on Tenere?

    Shock Sox, cheaper, better looking IMO, easy to clean as well.
  13. loftybob

    newbie uk

    Congrats on the new ride mate, and welcome
  14. loftybob

    Southern Sweden here!

    Welcome mate, from Australia. Also 6' 3" tall, and the S10 fits me like a glove Enjoy your new ride
  15. loftybob

    Alt Rider crash bars - pre-drop - who has them?

    Not sure if this angle helps?
  16. loftybob

    How mamy members / S10 in South Ausrtralia

    Me at Hectorville And I have a mate that rides the same color Anniversary ES who lives at Salisbury
  17. loftybob

    How necessary are UPPER crash bars?

    Genuine Yamaha light guard, the light bar is a 10" Aurora LED light bar bought from EBay. Regards Lofty
  18. loftybob

    How necessary are UPPER crash bars?

    Bad luck on the accidents, good testimony for the upper and lower bars. They are a well made piece of kit, one of the best welded and made crash bars I have used.
  19. loftybob

    How necessary are UPPER crash bars?

    I got them mainly as a place to hang a 10" LED light bar from. If they give me crash protection from a certain type fall, then even better
  20. loftybob

    Newly settled in Columbia SC

    G'Day mate