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  1. loftybob

    Life in the slow lane

    Put my name down for one of these very limited (500 Olive Drab ones made) Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 singles. Was overjoyed when I found out I had one reserved. Especially when I heard the Indian market of 250 units, sold out in 27 seconds on the web. Got to pick it up today, and ride it back...
  2. loftybob

    2019 Tenere Tragics High Plains Run

    After many years of this event being sold out so fast, I got me entry in within 10 minutes of registrations being open, and I made it (Just) Roll on the 2019 Tenere Tragics High Plains Run (Australia)
  3. loftybob

    Back on a Super Tenere

    G'Day fellow S10 addicts, I am back on a 2016 Super Tenere ES (Anniversary mode (Last brand new one left in Australia) I had a 2015 ES that I did a lap of Australia on towing a camper trailer, but after that trip, I wanted a bit more power. So I bought a 2017 Triumph Explorer XCA. That was a...
  4. loftybob

    Half lap of Australia

    Just 6 weeks to go and the good wife and myself are of on a 24 day, 10,000km trip from Adelaide - Katherine - Broome - Katherine - Darwin - Jabiru - Adelaide trip. We will be two up on the Pig towing an Austrack Camper trailer with fridge to keep the beers cold. Still have to fit a set of...
  5. loftybob

    Another downunder Noob

    G'day all, my name is Lofty (Robert) I reside in Adelaide South Australia, I have just returned to the Adventure Bike fold with the purchase of a 2015 Super Tenere E model. Only got it yesterday, so only ridden it 20Km's back from the stealers. Acropovic pipe waiting to be fitted this weekend...