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  1. Dwido


    Would any one here Would want to join a whatsup group . That we will use only for information etc, Regarding the st
  2. Dwido

    Very hot day in israel

    The beautiful kinerert lake
  3. Dwido

    Shifting problem

    Lately the shifting is not as smooth as it use to be. So I put the bike on the center stand . Put in 1st gear and and when I pulled the clutch leave tryed to spin the wheel it wasn't so easy as it was when in neutral. Any ideas,what is the problem? I'm going to start with changing the clutch...
  4. Dwido

    Rear wheel

    Here is the link to the movie I wanted to upload. Is this normal? link to the movie
  5. Dwido

    Rear wheel

    Sorry I have aproblem uploading the movie I wanted to attach. I don't understand what is problem
  6. Dwido

    Rear wheel

    Hi Has any one had this problem ?