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    Giving up the Tenere? The nearly incoherent ramblings of a 9 year Tenere owner.

    I've got the old F650GSSE (800cc 360 twin), a 2012 bike with micro-mileage that came my way. A few years back I had an early Honda Pacific Coast (very rare in the UK) going nowhere in the garage, so a swap was agreed. What a brilliant little bike it is too - DM's 750 is the modern day...
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    Motorcycle sharing and exchange!

    Checks has highlighted the downsides of the idea - on balance, far too many IMHO. With the Covid-19 virus diminished, but still lurking, I'm not sure Italy is a good idea this year anyway. Getting caught up in a second wave lockdown could prove expensive & mighty inconvenient.
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    Engine Noise

    Wear some ear /noise protection , as we all should anyway, & you won't notice. Simple foam earplugs will crop at least 30 Db. My 2014 ES is pretty quiet now & only clatters if I give it hard throttle from low revs. Spank my old Electraglide & it let's me know all about it, even on OE pipes...
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    Crashed last Friday. Maybe a totaled bike

    Bad luck; just glad you are OK. It's important to get back in the saddle & move on IMHO, often more difficult if you take the buy back route. Anyway, let's hope you get a decent settlement with your insurers whatever you decide.
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    OBD2 port

    Early Super10s were Euro 3 compliant, with an inbuilt self diagnostic system, which works well IMHO. Euro 4 came along for 2017-2020, which introduced an OBD1 port to hook up for diagnostics...
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    license Plate Light issue

    You don't say whether the dead bulbs just have a fractured filament, or whether there is black residue witness within the glass. The former suggests a low quality auto bulb that can't take the vibes, maybe a bulb that's a slightly loose in the bulb-holder; the latter a voltage spike scenario...
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    NGK SPARK PLUG DEAL - Looks like a good deal. Plenty of fakes around on the internet, so take care elsewhere.
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    Low seat

    Tony Archer could reshape your existing seat, to your custom requirements ......
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    Help with Code 43 after battery change. 4 hours late already

    Something has been disturbed in the battery swap process. Tabasco's link in #2 would suggest you check the ABS fuses first, before worrying over the likes of ABS pumps & ECUs.
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    Clutch switch

    IIRC the gear position indicator works by comparing wheel rotation/road speed with engine revs. It's a crude device, so can't do the calculation with the clutch pulled in. Let's hope for better if we ever get a Gen3.
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    Rattling noise front down by front tire?

    If all the spokes are all good, torqued up correctly with no rim cracks & the wheel bearings run OK, then It's time to take the wheel out & investigate further. Are you running a tyre pressure monitoring system that could have broken loose or a an aftermarket tyre valve? When was the tyre...
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    Clutch switch

    Correct @Boris. Notorious for failing, on this & many other bikes in my experience. The S10 has a double micro-switch arrangement, some just use a single.
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    Xt1200z suspension settings

    Get yourself an ES (ZE), gen2 model, 2014 onwards & peace will prevail.
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    New member Sussex UK

    Welcome, from sunny Bedfordshire.
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    New from Los Angeles area

    Welcome, from a sunny UK.
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    Get some bar end weights fitted asap. The TB sync is covered in a concurrent thread, so just follow the links ......... Come back to us on the seat issue, as others suggest. Give us an idea of your weight &...
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    You don't mention the age/mileage/service history of your S10. There are a few vibes around, but nothing significant, nothing that would give you trouble within 20 miles, so I wonder whether there are any other issues. Maybe the TBs out of sync, missing bar end weights or front wheel out of...
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    Throttle sync

    That's the trouble with Euro4 compliance MattR. Earlier S10s are all Euro3 with diagnostics display on the dash, rather than OBD1. Personally I've never experienced much joy with ECU flashing, or dyno set ups on big twins. They are notoriously difficult to fine tune at the bottom end of the...
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    Throttle sync

    You may find this helpful - 3/4 out seems to be the rule ................. You don't mention the age or mileage of your bike, or whether you have an off-idle...
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    Fault Code 44?

    44 suggests an ECU coms problem, but I am unsure whether you have a pre-2017 with diagnostics, or a later bike needing an OBD2 reader/dealer. For the earlier bikes, this thread may help .............