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  1. greg the pole

    Another SV Build

    yeah..I got bored again..
  2. greg the pole


    yeah..I got bored again..
  3. greg the pole

    2012 1st GEN CDN Tenere parts for sale. All gone.

    All gone. Motor went to Bernie, and the rest of the odds/sods. Thanks! Got this off a friend who smoked a deer. He walked away with light bruises. ST took it like a champ 2012 Black ST. 40k km. Valves done. Right...dropped the motor out of the frame, and took off the rest of the bits...
  4. greg the pole

    Beta 300!

    My dream bike is here!
  5. greg the pole

    2019 Bike Show

    Went to the 2019 Calgary MC show. BMW Nothing earth shattering. GS 850 looks pedestrian, but their blurb reads like you can take on the world with it, and no other bike They will sell tons to the right crowd. KTM 790 feels light. Can't really tell, they had it shackled in a front stand. Feels...
  6. greg the pole

    XT1200 Super Tenere TC memory module

    Morning all, Some folks here have inquired about a possible TC memory module for the XT1200. My buddy Richard has built a very nice unit for the 2016/2017 HAT and it works a treat...
  7. greg the pole

    2017 AT review

    finally got the energy, and will power to write a short post
  8. greg the pole

    Packing up soon to visit/ride with some inmates!

    packing up for California! will saddle up the Datsun c/w with an AT, and strom. We're closely followed by another truck with the same combo. Will catch up with Tomatocity and Don from Lodi somewhere in NW Cali! Stoked!! Winter sucked the proverbial ball this year. I barely got out on the...
  9. greg the pole

    The AT, 98% Complete Will give it a proper go in April!
  10. greg the pole

    Found some threaded rod

    if anyone needs the weird pitch rod that replaces the OEM front engine brace, let me know. it's handy to have for ACD skid plates and the like. Free to a good home. You pay postage. I have two, one foot for plenty of teneres ::015::
  11. greg the pole

    it's almost done [Africa Twin]

    here it is: Doing the little stuff now, but bags, outex, all electrics (fogs, tc sticky, heated grips). Just finished up the tool tube, and tools. Still on the list (in the postal outlet): tractive rear shock. Cali end of march...
  12. greg the pole

    Honda CRF Africa Twin Traction control memory module

    So after six years and holding down the TC button on the ST for 2 seconds every time before I rode off ::010:: ::010:: ::010::, I got it done right on my AT. The AT has TC on the fly but no memory retention. The gizmo here in mentioned has! ::015:: if there's serious interest in something...
  13. greg the pole

    No more tubes!
  14. greg the pole

    Yacugar shock, Arrow slip on, ACD skid plate, Yosh plugs

    Quick update on the items: Pending sales/confirmations below. Trying to keep everyone in order, please email me, as it's quicker. I've also updated the link with additional pictures and spring rate for the Yac my well loved ST went in for trade this month. I pulled a...
  15. greg the pole

    My new H.A.T.!

    Made some bloggings Enjoy
  16. greg the pole

    bye bye ST hello AT

    Well, got busy stripping all the bits of the tenere, loaded it up, and off to the dealer it went. It was a great six years and 80k km..edit 90k! On to the next :D
  17. greg the pole

    It's official, the blue donkey...sold.

    I've traded in both my Yamaha's for my new AT. I'll be pulling any and all tasty bits of the bike this week. This is an FYI only, I'll post up the actual for sale ad, as the parts come off the bike. Pictures/prices in USD will be clearly listed. I can ship world wide at buyers expense. All...
  18. greg the pole

    2012 Super T. Calgary, cheap, before it goes to the dealer for a trade in

    Morning all, i had an out of town sale fall through. The guy got flaky about a deposit, and wouldn't want to pay in full. I killed the deal. At any rate, original owner, tons of accessories. Blue, 80 thousand kilometers. Well loved, well used, original owner. Getting a new AT this month...
  19. greg the pole

    Great fall ride in the Canadian Rockies

    stupendous late october ride in the Canadian Rockies. The TKC80 front and E09 rear worked a treat Flicker link should work...damn google +....
  20. greg the pole

    bye bye FJ09, hello AT!

    Holy shit on a stick! I put my 2015 FJ up for sale, late in the season, after zero inquires I decided to bite the bullet and trade it in. Off it went to the dealer, in part exchange on a brand new 2017 AT, tri color, slush box. Not picking it up till January, and I have a whole half of a...