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  1. lacofdfireman

    Anyone know if the 2020 will be updated?

    Just curious if there have been any press releases on the 2020 Super Tenere and if it’s going to receive any updates. Would love to see it somehow have better wind management and a larger Fuel tank. Like an 8 gallon tank. Anyone heard of anything? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. lacofdfireman

    Gaerne SG12 Size 49 (14) Orange

    Selling a practically new (maybe 10hrs) total time wearing these. No funky odors and in excellent shape. Sold my KTM 300 so don’t need these. Best boots I’ve ever owned. Asking $300 shipped. These are some big boots so I’d imagine shipping on these won’t be cheap. I paid over $450 for these...
  3. lacofdfireman

    Ride on ADV Brake and Clutch line extenders for Risers

    SOLD Sold my bike and never installed these. They retail for $125. Here is a link to what you get. $80 shipped. PayPal and USA shipping only Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. lacofdfireman

    Xtra Tall Parabellum Windscreen for Gen 2

    SOLD Sold my Tenere. Forgot I had this in a box. Loved this screen for the winter at 6’4. About the only one that worked for me to stop buffeting. Basically brand new. For exact size check out the Parabellum website. This fits the Gen 2 bikes. Asking $120 shipped via PayPal Sent...
  5. lacofdfireman

    2016 Anniversary Edition Super Tenere Non ES

    Sold this time for real. Enjoy the bike Kraig. It’s a good one
  6. lacofdfireman

    Oxford Heated Grips install on a 2016 issues. Need advice

    Anyone else have Oxford Heated grips installed on a 2016 Tenere? My bike has a different throttle body than my 2013 did and won’t allow the Oxford to be mounted in the correct orientation. It interferes with the throttle body. Only other way to mount it would be for the wire to come out of...
  7. lacofdfireman

    Black Altrider rear luggage rack

    Sold Selling a Black Altrider Rear luggage rack. What you see in the photo is what you get. Great condition. How about $150 shipped PayPal Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. lacofdfireman

    MotoJug Hydration Systems (The best way to Hydrate while riding)

    MotoJug Hydration Systems Thank you for considering purchasing a MotoJug Hydration System. We feel there is no better or easier way to hydrate while riding your motorcycle. The MotoJug is super simple and has been a proven performer over the years. Many happy and satisfied customers since we...
  9. lacofdfireman

    In the market for yet another Tenere

    Found one. See post #10 for pic I think I’m trying for a record of the most Super Teneres bought and sold. I have a serious problem buying and selling bikes. Haha. But once again I’m in the market for yet another Gen 2. Hoping to find something within about 700 or so miles of St. George...
  10. lacofdfireman

    Cardo SmartPack Duo with DMC Mesh

    Selling a Cardo SmartPack Duo with DMC Mesh which is the latest and greatest. Used these for a 5 day trip then we ended up selling our ADV Bikes and buying dirt bikes. These are in excellent condition with zero issues. One of the speakers stopped working on our trip but Cardo sent out a new...
  11. lacofdfireman

    Klim Latitude XL Jacket and Latitude 38T Pants

  12. lacofdfireman

    Klim Overland XL Jacket and Overland 38T Pants

    Please delete. Duplicate
  13. lacofdfireman

    Klim Overland 2XL Jacket and Latitude 40T Pants

  14. lacofdfireman

    AeroStich RoadCrafter 1 piece Suit size 34

    Bought this suit for my son for a 5 day trip we did about 3 weeks ago. The suit was Awesome but he wants a 2 piece. I actually bought this from another inmate for $300. It’s in super good condition and comes with all the armor. My son is about 5’4 and 120lbs Asking $275shipped...
  15. lacofdfireman

    2015 Yamaha Super Tenere ES

    Sold pending delivery.
  16. lacofdfireman

    My Rox Risers don't fit? Pic inside

    I bought some Rox Risers and the don't seem to fit the bar clamps on my tenere. They seem like they should be flush on the barrel all the way across. Is this wrong? Or is it supposed to be like this? FWIW I bought these used off AdvRider. Bike is a 2015 ES Leaving on a trip in 2 days and...
  17. lacofdfireman

    Anyone installed an Aux Fuse block on an ES Model Tenere?

    I think I've put a blue seas fuse block on pretty much every bike I've ever owned. Not really sure if I need to on my 2015ES that I just picked up though and also if I did decide to put one in I have no clue where it would fit. I've searched in the forum here a bit and it seems as though...
  18. lacofdfireman

    Super Tenere Side Panniers (Black)

    Selling a set of practically new OEM Pannier boxes with mounting hardware and keys for $700obo shipped. I have 2 keys for the locks but you can pull the cylinders with 2 screws take them to your local lock smith and have them keyed to your bikes ignition key. I did it and it took him maybe 5...
  19. lacofdfireman

    Need help installing Cyclops LED Headlights

    I bought some new Cyclops LED Headlights for my 2015 Tenere and get get the retaining wire to work Not sure if I did the wrong bit I took out try stock bulbs by just pulling the retaining wire out of the hole and swinging it out of place on the side of the wire that has the screw in it. Now...