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  1. talonboy

    Do you want to be #1

    Noticed this bike at a shop here in Vegas. It is pretty rare to find a Vin#1. This is a gray 2014 model.
  2. talonboy

    New Graphics for the Tenere

    I just had installed a vinyl graphics sticker package on the Tenere. The bike was Black from the factory, and I never really liked the look. Now it's more White and Red. A local company here in Las Vegas used my bike as a prototype. The company name is AMR Racing Graphics, website...
  3. talonboy

    A cheaper rugged GPS

    I mentioned this on another thread, so I thought I would post separately here to not hijack the other thread. This is a GPS I recently purchased. ChinaVision Rage. There are a number of threads on other forums, so I am far from the first to use this. Costs about $139 or less, plus shipping. It...
  4. talonboy

    Yamaha skid plate. Sold

    I just installed a new skid plate, and have no further use the the accessory Yamaha one. The plate has about 14k miles on it, and has a lot of small pits, a few scrapes, and a few small dents. The plate mounts on/off without issue, it is not bent or warped, just well used. It looks fine on the...
  5. talonboy

    Passenger seat luggage rack

    I wanted to carry a little extra fuel on the bike, so I purchased Rotopax 1 gallon fuel cell. Now I just needed a way to carry it. Since I seldom carry a passenger, I wanted to mount the cell in place of the rear seat. I already had a Givi trunk mounted at the luggage rack area. I looked into an...
  6. talonboy

    Looking for a rear seat luggage rack

    Looking for recommendations for a rack to replace the rear seat on the Tenere. I want to mount a RotoPax fuel container there. I run a trunk at the rear of the bike, it seems like most people place the fuel there, but I thought of keeping the trunk, and mounting the fuel forward of that. I never...
  7. talonboy

    Another helmet lock idea

    I read thru the various methods for locking a helmet on the Tenere, but decided to do my own thing. I was just looking for a hook under the front seat to attach a helmet D ring, but there of course isn't one, so I made my own. I bent up a small piece of steel, drilled a hole, and bolted it to an...
  8. talonboy

    Fuel leaking

    I noticed a fuel smell the last few times I filled up. I wondered if it had anything to do with the fuel filler mod I did a couple weeks ago (punched 5-6 holes in the filler neck with an awl and hammer). I have filled the tank fuller when I top up since the mod, thought that was the source of...
  9. talonboy

    No brakes

    So I have had the Tenere about a month, was out on my first real off road ride today. 22 miles down a gravel/rocky trail and back. About half way back I suddenly notice the front brake lever comes back to the grip! Well, 3 or 4 pumps and it comes back, seems normal. Rear brake is fine. I try the...
  10. talonboy

    Dyno runs

    Just wanted to post some dyno runs I made recently. This attachment shows 2nd thru 6th gear runs, with clutch switch mod. Stock exhaust, Power Commander V and Optimizer installed,map for stock exhaust..
  11. talonboy

    New owner Las Vegas

    Just bought a used Black 2012 Tenere with 3600 miles. Hoping to meet any local Vegas owners.