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    OEM Super Tenere Rider Seat Pan Wanted

    Anyone have an oem Super Tenere rider seat pan they don't need?
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    'Helmet Guardian' Helmet Locks Custom Mounted to Underside of Altrider Luggage Rack Top Plate

    Relocated mount location from the traditional license plate location keeps helmets away from a mucky tire. Just unbolt from the Helmet Guardian mounting plate. The lock assembly protruding locating pin fits nicely into the small oem hole in the Altrider rack...only had to drill 1 hole each...
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    S10 ECU Dyno Tune/Flash, Arrow Header, Uni-Filter NU6235 Dual Stage Air Filters, Heat Wrapped Air Box, Modified OEM Muffler

    I have a 2014 ES with ECU dyno tune/flash, Arrow header, modified oem muffler (larger tailpipe with oem spark arrestor assembly removed, screen re-attached), Uni-Filter NU 6235 dual stage air filter & heat tape wrapped air box. ECU flash is the single most beneficial & impactful engine mod for...
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    Wolo S10 Dual Horn Plug-n-Play Upgrade

    Wolo 300-2T 360 hz Low Tone ($11.95) & 305-2T 420 hz High Tone ($15.95) 115 db 4.5 amp (actual is 5.5 amp for both) 3.5" DISC HORNS: They are significantly louder with a deeper tone (similar to a car) than the oem 2 7/8" meep meep horn, mounted to oem attachment. Made a Y harness wired in...
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    Pivot Pegz Mark 3 vs OEM Gen 2 S10 Pegs

    I bought Pivot Pegz for 4 reasons: 1) their unique swivel function, 2) larger surface area & reduced mud packing, 3) lowering capability, 4) stronger. They are wider by 15 mm or 0.6" & the same length....would have preferred another 13 mm or 0.5" of length for my E width size 12 foot. Pivot...
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    Nexx X.Wed2 Plain Dark Grey Metalic Helmet & Cardo SmartH DMC Mesh Bluetooth Communicator Review

    This the 2nd Generation Nexx X com helmet (X-Com communicator ready) from the Portugese manufacturer with a std 2 year warranty extended to 5. I ordered from FC Moto in Germany 244.80 Euro ($424.75 Canadian including shipping & conversion + Euro helmets ship with a pinlock visor, US/Canada...
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    Gen 2 S10 ES Side Stand Mod for Improved Stability

    My 2014 ES S10 side stand has 2 issues that make it unstable, particularly if rear shock preload "Rider" or "Rider + Luggage" is selected (each of the 4 rear shock preload settings on the ES model results in noticeable change in static bike height, particularly after dismounting &...
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    S10 $10 Dual Height Rear Brake Control

    Dimension are similar to Altrider's Dual Control unit except height of elevated section for standing is approx 1/8" less because Pivot Pegz are mounted in low position & brake lever is adjusted to the lowest position...
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    S10 2" Rox Risers 2014+

    There is some controversy over if longer hydraulic lines are required when installing the 2" Rox Risers. I do not wish to debate this & encourage everyone to do what they are comfortable with. This is just to demonstrate that they can be installed with oem lines & used (30+K kms on & off-road)...
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    S10 Uni-Filter NU6235 Dual Stage Air Filter Kit & Heat Barrier Wrapped Airbox

    Uni-Filter NU-6235 Kit Dual Stage Air Filters: This is the S10 oem fitment in Australia & not sold by Uni-Filter USA. 2WheelDynoWorks recommends an ecu flash or corrected fueling & provides similar improvement as the Arrow header, the S10 responds well to improved air velocity, particularly at...
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    S10 SW Motech Evo Bag Mount Relocation for 5 cm (2") Narrower Fitment

    Total width at the front of bags (widest point) was reduced from 96.5 cm (38") to 91.5 cm (36") while positioning the bags more parallel to the bike & perpendicular to the ground via a combination of using narrower spacers on the upper 2 mounts (shared with the oem passenger grab rails) + 3.0 cm...
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    S10 Lowered Altrider Luggage Rack & Reinforcement Support

    Adds stiffness/strength to rack & distributes loading to additional frame mounts..see notes in the pics...completely eliminates flex & bounce, particularly off-road :) Altrider Spacers. Lowered spacers. To twist the supports, clamp 1 end into a vice & tighten a crescent wrench...
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    S10 Hand Guard Extensions

    Effectively directs air over hands to upper arm. Made from 1/16" black ABS textured 1 side material (matches material used for dash in-fill plate) fastened to oem hand guard via stainless hardware, hole location will vary as per your preference, 2' x 4' stock ($8) is enough material for 3...
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    S10 Seat Concepts Riders Seat Install & Overview

    I have no upholstery experience & suggest that most anyone can do this with the right tools & a little patience/systematic approach. Watch a Seat Concept instructional video for other bikes to get the basics & as per their comments it is ok to remove staples & rework the fabric as you progress...
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    S10 w/Altrider Crash Bars & Skid Plate: Hwy Peg Mounts & O2 Sensor, Water Pump & Header Protection

    1/8" 6061 aluminum stock $20 (Metal Supermarkets), no specialty tools used, jig saw, hand drill, flat & round metal file, wet/dry cloth sand paper, work bench drawer & counter used for bending jig, one 4" x 1" galvanized right angle bracket, two 1" x 5/8" right angle brackets with custom bend...
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    2014+ Yamaha Super Tenere Cockpit & Windscreen Mods

    Puig Tint Touring Windscreen, Powerbronze Tint Wind Deflectors, Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS/Ram mount, X-Grip/Ram mount, 2" Rox Risers (oem brake lines), Mirror extender/risers 1/8" ABS Dash In-fill Plate (textured 1 side), Digital Voltmeter/Dual USB Charging Socket, Cyclops TPMS, The Hornet...
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    Yamaha Super Tenere OEM Muffler Mods

    The OEM tailpipe assembly unbolts allowing removal & access to the rear muffler chamber My 1st mod was to remove the restrictive spark arrestor assembly that forced gasses to change direction multiple times, reusing the screen over the exposed tail pipe. This muffler mod w/oem air filter...
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    Replacing/Cleaning the S10 "Tea Bag" fuel filter to restore mileage & power + Guglatech Filter.

    Unfortunately Yamaha does NOT sell a replacement "tea bag" fuel filter despite it being a press on design that easily separates from the pump for cleaning. Another Yamaha Super Tenere Forum member (BWC) kindly published detailed pics & procedure of the pump removal in 2017 via this link...
  20. prowlnS10

    2014 ES Mods, Custom Designs, Accessories List & Info

    Here's a link to all of the changes made to my 2014 ES, includes pics & templates of custom made parts.