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    Open Trailer and Tarp Use - Scratch Paint?

    I plan to trailer my S10 across the USA using my open trailer, and I'm thinking to use a tarp to semi-cover the top and front of the cycle. The tarp would be to keep the worst of the bugs and rock damage from the front of the cycle, and maybe deflect some rain if / when I encounter some of...
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    Dash / Frame Mounted Camera

    There's a lot of choices for "dash cams" out there. I've been wading through them for the last few days. Some have poor reliability from online users, if you believe those sorts of reports. Some are still vaporware, but "getting closer to production" (Innov K2, though there was a report of an...
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    Android Tablet as GPS - My Experience

    I started a thread a couple months ago, asking for other opinions and experiences with this idea, with me thinking about doing it. I desired a tablet that would dispense with my having a dedicated GPS device (Garmin et al), and have a screen large enough and bright enough to see from the saddle...
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    Anyone mounting an 8 inch or larger tablet?

    I searched through the forum threads, and found a lot of messages for mounting phones as GPS, and most of that traffic was from 2015 or earlier. I want to mount an 8 in. Samsung tablet, and I think the accessory bar is the "correct" place to mount it, centered and above the instruments. I've...
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    2018 Honda Gold Wing Unveiled today
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    Handlebar front brake switches / Cruise Enable / Rear Brake Light

    I did not know whether to put this under "Brakes", or "Electrical", so it's here under "General" New 2016 Non-ES model. 3700 miles on it. I began having Refusal to Enable Cruise issues. Flashing amber lamp upon cruise enable switch "on" to system. Sometimes it would give me steady amber at...
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    PCFC Map for 2014+ Stock ST. Map Modified to Remove Initial Throttle Abruptness.

    I'm picking up a thread I started back in may: Re: 2014+ Stock ST Map (No Mods Map) for PCFC 22041. Here: Anyway, over the past couple months, I have been attempting to sort out a "compromise PCFC map that does mainly...
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    For Sale : 2012 DL650A V-Strom VStrom, Metallic Orange, 17,150 mile, Tucson AZ

    2012 DL650A V-Strom VStrom, Gorgeous Metallic Fox Orange, 17,150 miles, single owner, garage kept. $4600.00 or make offer. This motorcycle has been customized to provide all day riding comfort and touring capability. Carefully maintained, all maintenance up to date, including the 14000...
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    Cyclops Adventure Sports TPMS

    Added a Cyclops Adventure Sports Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System (CIL-TPMS1). I check my tires before every ride, usually by just using my "calibrated foot" while stepping on the rim. Hey, it's better than nothing. Now, I have a digital readout reference for a true pressure check...
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    Cycle Dirt Nap Lift / Hoist / Crane

    This is my first Uber sized ADV machine. I've got good skills from dirt motorcycling over the years, but never saw myself on something this big. Until now. Now, I got one :) While I train for eventual off-road, and come to terms with the size and weight of this machine, I'm looking into how...
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    SW Motech Quick Lock Evo Side Rack and Saddlemen X-Jumbo Soft Luggage

    How about a quick release rack, and some soft cruiser bags? (Saddlemen X-Jumbo) I think it looks pretty good, and now I do not have to fold the lid closed every time I want into them. (Edit: Saddlemen, not Saddleman).
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    EB CS3's connectors and ST's Aux Connector

    I had a "senior moment" with my Eastern Beaver EB CS3 connections. I'm looking at the cycle's Aux Connector, and the EB connector that would / should mate to it. Oh Yeah, don't forget to remove the cycle's Aux Connector "dummy cover". The connector's socket comes with a "plug with no wires"...
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    2014+ Stock ST Map (No Mods Map) for PCFC 22041.

    I obtained this map from the DynoJet / Power Commander website, they label it as "M22-041-007.pvm" Just in case someone might find this map useful, and need it. This is for a 2014+ ST, with no performance mods. Stock fuelling, OEM pipes, OEM air filter, you get the idea. You also get much...
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    2011-2013 Stock ST Map (No Mods Map) from PCFC 22041.

    This files is obtained from a new Power Commander PCFC model 22041 (B), unopened box. I loaded the map directly from the PCFC to my local PC. Just in case someone might find this map useful, and need it. Is for a 2011-2013 ST, with no performance mods. Stock fuelling, OEM pipes, OEM air...
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    Anyone installing Shindengen SH847 series type rectifier / regulator?

    I've been using one of these on my 2012 "Wee" Strom DL650 for about 3 years. The electrical system on that cycle is admittedly weak, and somewhat problem prone to failing stators. I changed the rectifier regulator from the OEM shunt type, to the series type Shindengen SH847, to keep the...
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    Must... Keep... Farkling! Hello from Tucson, AZ

    Feeding the addiction, bought a "leftover" '16 S10, No ES. Traded up? down? sideways? from a Kaw ZX14R, 180 HP rocketship. I needed a break from the wind, the noise, the adrenalin. Needed a break from kneeling to the chain gods, and being bent into a semi pretzel. So, looking forward to a...