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  1. Dr Ratbagg

    2006 FJR $50.00

    For Sale 1:12 scale 2006 Yamaha FJR, original owner, low mileage, like new condition. $50.00 shipped to lower 48 or available for local pick up for $42.00
  2. Dr Ratbagg

    Wanted Pivot Pegs

    Looking to buy a set of used Pivot Pegs
  3. Dr Ratbagg

    Yamaha XT600

    I have been looking to purchase a vintage XT 600 (1984-1989). And I recently found an '86 with 8k on the clock. I would appreciate any advice or comments from past owners on common problems and parts availability.
  4. Dr Ratbagg

    Pannier Lid Latch replacement

    FOR SALE - 3D printed glass reinforced nylon pannier lid cam lock replacement for stock 2013 Tenere pannier. $30 each - $50 pair shipped US
  5. Dr Ratbagg

    WTB-Russell Day Long Pillion

    I'm looking to buy a passenger seat that has been covered in vinyl by RDL for my 2013 Tenere.
  6. Dr Ratbagg

    PNW rider signs on

    Hi, my name is Chet. I recently sold my sport touring Yamaha FJR and aquired a '13 Super Tenere. I'm looking forward to doing a few touring mods, mainly I want to change out the seat with a Russell or Corbin. If anybody has one for sale, please message me. Also is anyone here a UTMC member or a...