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  1. jmz

    13 Tenere sold

    Selling a 13 Tenere. Great condition. Factory luggage. Altrider crash bars and skid plate. Cyclops bulbs. New Yuasa battery. Madstad bracket. Winglets. 44,300 miles. 5000.00. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  2. jmz

    Rostra /Clutch switch problem.

    My cruise quit working and I`ve traced it down to the clutch switch showing closed all the time even when I disconnect it. I've been going through the wiring but I`m unable to get it show open . Any ideas where to look or do I just need to keep going through the wires ? Thanks
  3. jmz

    Gold valve or drill the compression piston ?

    i`ve got a buddy that is going to put my new springs in for me. We were thinking about drilling and maybe changing some shims. Would it be a big improvement to just spend the money on the gold valve kit over drilling ?
  4. jmz

    Hello from Texas

    Hello from Gonzales . Don`t have a Yamaha but I know a few people who do ::025:: and I think I want one ::003::