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    Spotted on I-20 near Abilene TX on 10/13/18 around 8pm

    I was riding behind you on my matte gray S10 from Sweetwater, TX to Abilene, TX around 8pm. You were on a back/matte gray S10. I passed you and waived right after Abilene TX. I couldn't stop, I was headed home, I completed 750 miles that day trying to avoid the rain. Let me know if you are near...
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    2015 LCD gauge darkens in the sun

    If I remember correctly it was in the 90s F. I don't think is temperature related. This issue is normal on LCD screens on long exposure to UV radiation. However, I would assume that there is some kind of filter on the clear panel before the LCD screen. And it only happens on the small right LCD...
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    2015 LCD gauge darkens in the sun

    I had the same issue while riding thru Arizona last September. Direct sunlight will cause this issue. I guess I have to protect the right LCD screen from direct sunlight. This guy on FJR had the same problem.
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    Who has YES?

    I have Y.E.S. but I did not pay for it. After I test rode a S10 on a demo event, Yamaha offered me two-year free Y.E.S if I purchase any Yamaha motorcycle by the end of the year. So far I didn't have to use it, and I hope I will never have to.