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  1. JamesGang

    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    Condolences Chris, to you and yours. Rick
  2. JamesGang

    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    Sorry Doug, but this statement not helpful. The last thing we need to do at this time is to reinforce the misguided belief that we are NOT in a global crisis. I did not open your link. Respectfully,
  3. JamesGang

    Pin on footrest?

    It's great to see a plausible explanation for a single "feeler". Drill and tap was exactly what I did to the right side peg. The asymmetry and ignorance wouldn't leave me alone, LOL.
  4. JamesGang

    Let's see your highway pegs.

    I like your solution, Super08. I have the same guards and I would like to get the same pegs as you. Do you have a link where I could find them or even the name of the manufacturer? Regards,
  5. JamesGang

    Hwk suit from amazom

    At $36 it seems too good to be true. Hard to imagine the working conditions for those who made these at this price.
  6. JamesGang

    2013 take offs in Northern Virginia

    Just a friendly reminder for you to read this;
  7. JamesGang

    Anyone else tired of winter yet?

    I'm sure the Newfies have had enough of winter. St. John's, the capital city, received 1 meter of snow and has been in a state of emergency for 7 days. Nothing is open and travel is restricted.
  8. JamesGang

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome aboard, Quebec, from a Bluenoser. Are you a Canuck?
  9. JamesGang

    Riding for RAVEN

    This is one of the saddest stories I've heard. I hope the father can forgive himself. I am a father of four.
  10. JamesGang

    Riding tracks

    After fifty years of guitar playing and singing I can replay dozens of tunes in my head, so I really don't have a need for external auditory stimulation. I have suffered some hearing loss over the years (most likely from standing too close to the drummers cymbals) so I must protect myself with...
  11. JamesGang

    Exit the Warrior

    R.I.P. Neil (listening to you right now...)
  12. JamesGang

    2020 Plans - what’s happing?

    My plan this year is to complete the goal of visiting all ten Canadian provinces with 'Shibumi', my Super T. There are only two that she hasn't touched, Prince Edward Isl. and Newfoundland / Labrador. PEI is close enough that I could be back in my own bed the same day. Although NFL and Labrador...
  13. JamesGang

    Motorcyclist adventure with Kevlar motorcycle shirts

    Guess we scared him off...oh well.
  14. JamesGang

    Happy New Year!

    Hey dannyv, everyone's welcome at Rick James' Super Freaky forum! Happy New Year everyone!
  15. JamesGang

    Touring Windshield

    I also have the Madstad bracket with the 22" shield and OEM wind deflectors. The Madstad has a larger and more robust cross bar for mounting electronics and more adjustment range for the shield. On the hottest days of summer, in ten minutes I swap out the 22" shield for the OEM and enjoy a...
  16. JamesGang

    Touring Windshield

    To O.P., have you looked at a laminar lip windshield extension? Many users swear buy them.
  17. JamesGang

    Touring Windshield

    If you have a RAM mount, you could get a longer arm.
  18. JamesGang

    Sensitive throttle

    I managed to retrain my wrist to deal with the throttle response and I find the 'engine braking' so useful I wouldn't want to be with out it.
  19. JamesGang

    New Owner from way down in NZ

    Welcome staq50. New Zealand and Nova Scotia are like separated twins living in different hemispheres.
  20. JamesGang

    New Tenere owner Ontario Canada

    She looks just like mine! Welcome from Cape Breton Island.