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  1. kingfisher

    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    It is tempting in times like these, with fear of the unknown, to give in to a degree of panic, and to assume the worst in regards to potential outcomes. As a physician, (Emergency Medicine), I have had a fascination with the history of my profession, and have studied past disease outbreaks, etc...
  2. kingfisher

    Battery change with a Altrider engine guard

    Watch out for the orientation of the battery when you slip it in place; it is easy to rotate it in wrong and end up with the terminals reversed from the usual position. If you continue to be inattentive, you can hook it up wrong and fry your 50 amp main fuse. Ask me how I know this...
  3. kingfisher

    Bike to compliment a S10?

    I'd go with the DRZ 400. Mine was quite capable out of the box, and could keep up with highway 70 mph traffic well. A much better bike than the KLR that I had, off-road, and nearly as good on road. I decided to trade it off since the S10 is fine for the limited off roading that I do.
  4. kingfisher

    OEM top box lid accidentally open by itself during ride?? Any one

    It’s hard to fathom the vast differences reported on something like this. I have used the same set of oem bags on three S 10’s for a total of over 100,000 miles combined, and never had any problem with them opening inadvertently, locks falling out, etc. If you locktite the lock screws, push down...
  5. kingfisher

    "Factory Fixes" on brand new ST ES

    I’ve had three S10,s, with a total of 90,000 miles, and never had a loose spoke. I have never had a break down. Fueling has been great. All the power I need. I like the bike exactly like it comes, guess thats why I keep buying them.
  6. kingfisher

    favourite pic of your bike:-)

    Favorite picture now is the bike in use at what it does best, travelling far and wide, on any road that calls you to see what is over the next hill. From a trip to southern Arizona in January, trying to stay out of the snow.
  7. kingfisher


    I think that the majority of Tenere owners feel the same. I was happy with my stock gen 1 S10, and even happier with my stock gen 2. In a bike as good and reliable as this one, there is not much to discuss / complain about on the forums, so much of the talk centers around modifications that some...
  8. kingfisher

    Heat-troller mounts

    I move the wireless controller between bikes, and just zip tie it to the bars. Works well.
  9. kingfisher

    shock socks?

    I use the 6” length for USD forks, they work great. Personally, I would not use WD 40 or other oil on them; it would tend to attract and hold dust/dirt on the inside next to the fork tubes. I’ve used them on two Tenere’s for about 60,000 miles total.
  10. kingfisher

    favourite pic of your bike:-)

    So far, the best picture of my new ES.
  11. kingfisher

    LED headlight alignment

    Do the caps fit back on over the back side of the bulbs, or do you have to leave them off due to the size and wiring connection and need for cooling?
  12. kingfisher

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Looks like a well set up package. Let us know what you think of the MotoZ tires as you put some kilometers on the bike. What tire pressure are you running?
  13. kingfisher

    New S10 purchase...thoughts?? Please and thank you

    Of those mentioned, I’d go with the 2016; the prices on the others are too high. 20,000 miles is just broken in. I have over 80,000 Tenere miles on the two of them that I have had, with total reliability. Some forum members have over 150,000 miles on theirs with no significant issues. The bike...
  14. kingfisher

    GEN III NEW Super Tenere question / info

    I don't know, just reported as " more powerful," but specifics were not related. I think it has plenty of power now, but would not turn down more output if it was offered. :) My 2015 has close to 50,000 miles on it, so plenty of life left, but I'll be interested to see what the new one offers.
  15. kingfisher

    GEN III NEW Super Tenere question / info

    From a usually reliable source, the gen 3 S10 will come out as an early release 2020 model next summer, with more powerful twin, lean angle ABS, tft dash, and led headlights, among other changes. This is from a corporate meeting last month.
  16. kingfisher

    24 Hr Review by FortNine

    Re: just another Super Tenere video review from some dude..... As far as cruising speeds go, the bike is very relaxed at any legal speed I’ve travelled at; 70 to 85 mph is very comfortable.
  17. kingfisher

    Finally got my 2017ES

    Beautiful bike! I like that blue color.
  18. kingfisher

    Has anyone tried the Battlax A40 tires yet?

    I have run several brands of tire but kept going back to the Battle wings. They handled well and gave good mileage but decided to try the A40's. If they last as long as the BW's, will run them from now on. The A40's seem to grip a bit better in the wet, and have improved straight line tracking.
  19. kingfisher

    How to find a bike?

    Sehorn Yamaha in Shawnee OK had a red 2015 ES when I was last there; website says they still have one. I bought my red 2015 there last summer, they have good prices and their out the door prices have no hidden charges.
  20. kingfisher

    Torn between buying another 2013 or a 2014 What's your opinion on my situation?

    There is nothing sluggish about a bike that can do a sub 12 second quarter mile, 0 to 60 in about 3.5 seconds and handles as well as this one does. The pre WC BMW 1200 made essentially the same power as the first gen S10, and it was not labeled as sluggish. The reflash can be done, but I enjoyed...