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    A big Toyota Tundra, a little Casita RV, and a kind of big Tenere.

    Original poster here. Sounds like the consensus is that the trip is reasonable with my stuff:D I don't know how long the bike rides will be when we are on the road with the RV trailer. I suspect some of the day rides will be 2 up and around 300-400 miles. The rides will not be on the...
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    A big Toyota Tundra, a little Casita RV, and a kind of big Tenere.

    This is all good stuff. My Tundra has a knob on the dash headlight to compensate for load, kinda cool. The Casita trailer has a GVWR of 3500 but only weighs 2500 itself. Some of the gear can be loaded in the trailer to shift weight from the truck. l will get airbags and a weight equalizing...
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    A big Toyota Tundra, a little Casita RV, and a kind of big Tenere.

    Can I do this? I have a 2016 4x4 Toyota Tundra with the 5.7 engine and tow package. It is rated for over 10,000 lbs towing. It is rated for 980 lbs tongue weight and payload is approx 2000 lbs. I recently purchased a 17 ft. Casita travel trailer rated at max of 3500 lbs with a 400 lb tongue...
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    Cataract Surgery

    I had Lasix done on my right eye about 15 years ago for distance and did not touch my left eye so I could still read. Mono vision was easy for me but I chose to wear blended bifocals, so I had reading and distance vision with both eyes. As I aged the left eye reading vision went south and I had...
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    broken windshield

    I have had good success with the Madstad bracket and the Parabellum windshield. I bought an over height shield and positioned the bottom below the winglets at the highest position I might use it. I then trimmed the shield to just below my line of sight. Works great.
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    broken windshield

    Parabellum windshields have worked well for me
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    Any S10 riders based around Columbia SC?

    Florence, SC. I pass thru Columbia on my way to the mtns.
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    Tenere Scared me the other day!

    For a brief period last fall my 2013 would cut off occasionally without warning and the would restart with the button. It usually happened while cruising or accelerating hard (it was a bummer during a high speed pass). Occasionally it would have severe hesitation when accelerating but not shut...
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    Rostra cruise control problem. Need help

    Check out this thread, particularly the last few posts.
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    Rostra cruise control problem. Need help

    Great to hear that you got it working. The control pad was sealed at around 10,000 miles with fish tank silicone which is supposed to less acidic and safer for electronics. If it happens again I would pull it apart and reseal.
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    Had a lowside, no help from TCS?

    A great reference from early in the thread be WJBertrand
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    Had a lowside, no help from TCS?

    responses: 1-Braking with the front brake in a turn is a standard part of "trail braking." It leads to bad things only if you don't balance your traction between deceleration traction and lateral/turning traction. If you can not modulate braking with a bit of skill you will overload lateral...
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    Had a lowside, no help from TCS?

    Just to stretch this thread out a little bit longer. The TCS on the Tenere will work leaned over to a limited degree. Two examples: ---When my 2013 was new one of my 1st rides o twisty roads was on a very cold day. When I was coming out of turns I would gradually increase throttle while leaned...
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    Random switching between sport and touring mode.

    Disassemble and study the switch to understand what you are doing. Make sure it is in the mode you want and then modify the switch so it won't move. Disassemble the switch and then fix it in place however you feel will keep it from moving. Hot glue so it can't move maybe. Your choice as you are...
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    SOLD-----2013 Super Tenere, 42000 miles, lots of good stuff, excellent condition $5700-bump for price drop

    Bump for a great running bike, all the major features of a 2nd generation at thousands less.
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    Why doesn't this work for S10s?

    I would be wary about buying grip heaters that are specifically cited as not fitting my bike. the grip length may be different or the electrical resistance of the heated grips may differ from what the OEM wiring provides. There are other good options available.
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    Error code ??

    I had a problem that sounds a lot like what you describe. I replaced the battery, it was due :-). This helped the starting issues. Also found a very erratic clutch switch. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not. Tested it off the bike and with a volt meter and found it to be very random. I...