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  1. okiesaki

    "SOLD" Bill Mayer seat $300 shipped

    Up for sale is my Bill Mayer seat (rider only) with gripper material to match your oem passenger seat. Looks great,feels great. $300 shipped to the lower 48
  2. okiesaki

    "SOLD "Carbon Fiber fairing panels reduced price $200 shipped

    "SOLD"Up for sale is a set of carbon panels. They are not the pricy worldcrosser type but look pretty good . They are in great shape with no cracks, just a couple little scratches and,or scuffs from where you remove them and the make a little contact with the engine guards kind of like what you...
  3. okiesaki

    "SOLD"Kaoko throttle lock

    For Sale:Kaoko throttle lock . $75 shipped to the lower 48
  4. okiesaki

    Ohlins 01103-59/150 ( 857 lb.) shock spring

    I removed this from a 6 month old Ya013 Ohlins shock that I recently purchased because the spring rate was a little to much for me at 195 lb. P/N is 01103-59/150 (857 lb.) It has a few scuffs and scratches from removing from shock to make preload adjustments,installing and removing again but...
  5. okiesaki

    WTB:"FOUND" Ohlins 01099-49/130 (742 lb.) Shock spring

    "BOUGHT A NEW ONE" I'm looking for a good used or new pull off Ohlins 130 (742 lb.) Shock spring .This is the spring that came stock on the YA013 shock so for anyone that has gone with a stiffer spring and have the stocker just laying around that they would like to sell Just let me know . I am...
  6. okiesaki

    My Ohlins shock is oversprung

    Well, I bought a used Ohlins YA013 rear shock off this forum and it came with a 59/150 (857 LB) spring and it's a little oversprung for my 195 lb weight without gear. I can't even get there loaded with luggage. Here's my numbers: Bike and rider only with no preload and spring set at 208mm (...
  7. okiesaki

    "SOLD'" 22" Parabellum windshield

    This windshield is 22" high and fits gen 1 bikes. It's in great shape .$125 shipped
  8. okiesaki

    My 2013 has a 2014 cam chain tensioner from factory

    I bought this bike new and just did the 2014 clutch basket and figured since I was in there I would put a graves manual cct in there while I had the cover off. I went to remove the cct and stamped on the top is 2BS, not 23p . My clutch basket is definitely gen 1 but I have a high vin #. I think...
  9. okiesaki

    Yoshimura RS4 exhaust $250 shipped "SOLD"

    Up for sale is my Yoshi RS4 exhaust. It is in perfect,like new condition but has no baffle. The baffle,or DB killer as most yosh owners know has a allen head screw that is tack welded to discourage removal. Mine was tacked over 2/3 of the screw and into the allen head which made it impossible to...
  10. okiesaki

    Matte gray fuel tank,fairings and fender $500 shipped "SOLD"

    "SOLD"Up for sale is my 2013 matte gray fuel tank ,both side fairing panels and front fender.All are in excellent,like new condition. The side panels come with the oem decals and emblems and the tank has tech spec tank pads that were just installed and can be removed and reinstalled if one so...
  11. okiesaki

    "SOLD"Saddlemen Adventure Tour seat set $375 shipped

    "SOLD"Up for sale is my Saddlemen Adventure Tour seat set
  12. okiesaki

    "SOLD"Sargent World Sport Performance Seat set $350 shipped

    Up for sale is my Sargent seat set. It is a version 2 in carbon FX/black welt and in excellent condition. $350 shipped to the lower 48. A new set will set you back $569 from Sargent. Thanks
  13. okiesaki

    "FOUND" WTB: Sargent or Corbin seat

    "FOUND"...Looking for a good, used Sargent or Corbin seat. Prefer front and rear on the Corbin and version 2 on the Sargent . Send me a P.M. and let me know what you have. Thanks
  14. okiesaki

    Akrapovic exhaust ***SOLD***

    ***SOLD***Akrapovic muffler in excellent condition. $450 shipped to the lower 48. Too quiet for me. I'm deaf from years of loud exhaust so now I need loud exhaust because I'm deaf. Make sense?
  15. okiesaki

    "Wanted" dash fill panel ***FOUND***

    Looking for a dash in fill panel. ADV motorrad has the type that mounts on top of the accy plug but I'm Looking for the type that mounts under the assy plug that was sold last year by a member here. I will make one if I must but thought I would check to see if anyone bought one and never used it
  16. okiesaki

    WTB..Used Arrow Headers

    Looking for a good "used" set of arrow headers p/n 72095PD for my 2013 super tenere.Would prefer headers only but will consider full system. Thanks
  17. okiesaki

    ***SOLD***Booster Plug $80 shipped

    Booster Plug for all Super Tenere 1200's. They retail at $159 from booster plug . It's only about 3 months old and it does help with the surging at lower rpms and almost elliminates decell popping with a slip on muffler and reflash. I'm going a different route with arrow headers and will need a...
  18. okiesaki

    "FOUND" Power Commander FC or Juice Box Pro

    """FOUND"""Looking for a good, used Power Commander FC or Juicebox Pro for my 2013 Super Tenere 1200. Two Bros has disscontinued the Juice Box and I can't find a new one but it was made by Dynojet for Two Bros and is the same thing as the PowerCommander FC anyway. The cheapest I found new for...
  19. okiesaki

    "SOLD"Rox Speed FX offset risers $35 shipped

    Just bought these from a forum member last week thinking they where the pivoting type. I saw the post on my phone,didn't scroll down to look at the pic,half ass read it and sent payment. Needless to say,these are the ones I already have on my bike now so I will take the loss on freight and sell...
  20. okiesaki

    Howdy from Oklahoma City

    Just picked up my new left over 2013 a couple of days ago and got it so cheap that as soon as I got home I spent the whole evening ordering over $2k in add ons. That was more fun than buying the bike.