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  1. cyclemike4

    I dont even knew that this existed...

    I have seen something very similar that was real. It was a tiny trailer you pull behind your bike that folded out with a solid floor and a tent top very much like that. They were very nice but i think i will just stick with my tiny regular tent.
  2. cyclemike4

    The new Mitas E07 Adventure tire (tyre)

    I have a E-07 front that has lost air the whole time i have had it on the bike. Funny thing is it will never get below 25 PSI. It takes several weeks to drop that low. It handles well at that pressure and works well for me that low. I don't know the exact mileage but i have about 20,000 miles on...
  3. cyclemike4

    Big Bend or Bust

    That looks like a great trip even in the cold! Great pictures. hope i can make it out there to look around sometime.
  4. cyclemike4


    I have named some bikes. the names just felt right for some reason. others not so much. I just call this one Super T. It seems to fit good for me.
  5. cyclemike4

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    As usual took my super T to work today. Yesterday it was 14 degrees when i left for work. Key was frozen on again. Shoot. Gave it mouth to mouth and got it turned off and the key out. Then it was frozen again last night. This morning it was 9 degrees at my house about 16 in town. nice ride to...
  6. cyclemike4

    What are some good motorcycle or other videos/tv series/movies to watch? Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc....

    My better half got the tickets and we went to see the movie on its one night showing in the theaters. A lot of adventure bikes were in the parking lot. Some weathered bikers were there too! Most were gone before the movie was half over. We stayed for the whole thing but we were both expecting...
  7. cyclemike4

    Valve Clearance - Motor Not Spinning on Reassembly

    I don't know if this has been suggested in any of the threads on the valve adjustments. I do not remember seeing it but I took the entire electrical panel loose off the right side of the frame pulled the wiring out of the frame that went over the motor and hinged it 90 degrees out. Zip tied it...
  8. cyclemike4

    Why it's a stupid decision to run street tires in the dirt

    I have a set of those bead breakers and they do work very well. I carry them on any long trip i take. Be very careful with the Tenere rims though. I had a tire that was on there for about 14000 miles and was stuck pretty good. I bent the edge of the rim out before it would push the tire off the...
  9. cyclemike4

    Heated gear for a Super Tenere

    I was given hot wire gloves a year ago for Christmas. I pretty much only use them below 20 degrees and they will definitely extend your riding season.
  10. cyclemike4

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Here is the hollowed out original seat foam to fit over the high density foam section.
  11. cyclemike4

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    My first attempt to make a custom seat. The raised portions in the middle of the seat pan hit me right in the hip joints. I ride on the front of the seat. I put a filler between the rised sections then hot glued a very dense foam on the seat pan then hollowed out the original seat foam to fit...
  12. cyclemike4

    Saddlesore1000 Monday

    hey Gator308. Sounds like Monday is going to be fun. I have done 1000 mile days on my 2012 Super T and it is really a good bike for that type of thing. It is for me anyway. I would like a different seat than the stock seat. how ever i have never seen my speed being off much at all. I am always...
  13. cyclemike4

    njdevils1990: 2019 ST ES mileage and service records

    Hey njdevils1990. Sorry to hear about your damage. that sucks. Hope it is fixed very soon. these bikes are very vulnerable under there. I have a skid plate of sorts under mine but i am planning on building a frame to go under the thing and mount something substantial under there. I have actually...
  14. cyclemike4

    Why it's a stupid decision to run street tires in the dirt

    Wow ballisticexchris that is an impressive rack of tires you have! All of them look pretty new. I am a cheap @$$ and run mine till they look like a street tire in the middle. Cut the knobs to get them square again and then i turn them around backwards before i buy new tires. yes when i am off...
  15. cyclemike4

    Steering head bearing replacement

    Yamaha sells unit parts as individual parts. Guess they a ton of money that way. Try to buy a U joint for a four wheeler or side by side from Yamaha. they sell the cross part and the bearings and caps individually! It is crazy. Most aftermarket sells parts like that as a unit the with all the...
  16. cyclemike4

    New from Columbus, Ohio

    Hello! Very nice bike! I am not sure but i think here in KY it is a law the dealers have to provide the previous owners contact on used vehicles. I have called about trucks that i have bought. Of course who knows it may have been another sales persons number from the dealer i was at. Ha ha. Any...
  17. cyclemike4

    Fan cut in Temp

    A F1 engine machine work is done with full torque done on the cylinders just like it would have a head on it and ready to run. It has water running through it to bring the parts up to race temp like the engine is running. then all the machine work is done so that the torque effect from assembly...
  18. cyclemike4

    Bike pull left, cruise control hand off.

    my 2012 seems to want to fall off to the left like that. Yes it has a lot to do with the conditions of the roads and wind. I have found though that with new tires it is much more pronounced. As the rear tire breaks in and wears some it pretty much goes away and feels much better. This is the...
  19. cyclemike4

    New to me won't run

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble so soon after getting the bike. That is disappointing for you i'm sure. there is a book that could be written from this forum on solving issues. It is in here if you read enough. Good luck and let us know what the problem was. After that you will enjoy the...
  20. cyclemike4

    Wayne Rainey rides again!

    That is a great little video. I have always followed racing when it was possible. I remember following wayne and kevin. I am a big fan of the 2 stoke gp bikes.