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    A big Toyota Tundra, a little Casita RV, and a kind of big Tenere.

    Can I do this? I have a 2016 4x4 Toyota Tundra with the 5.7 engine and tow package. It is rated for over 10,000 lbs towing. It is rated for 980 lbs tongue weight and payload is approx 2000 lbs. I recently purchased a 17 ft. Casita travel trailer rated at max of 3500 lbs with a 400 lb tongue...
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    SOLD-----2013 Super Tenere, 42000 miles, lots of good stuff, excellent condition $5700-bump for price drop

    SOLD 2013 Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 XTZ with lots of good stuff, excellent condition, $5700 Matte grey, 42000 miles, always stored inside, turnkey condition, runs better than new, ready to travel This 2013 has all the upgrades a 2013 needs: -ECUnleashed reflash -Upgraded clutch basket -Upgraded...
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    Random switching between sport and touring mode.

    I have a 2015 that I purchased from the original owner in November with approx 5000 miles. I have put about 500 miles on the bike. I initially had problems with hitting the touring mode switch instead of the run button. I thought I had learned better. Today while riding I noticed the bike was...
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    Sudden loss of power, bike just dies briefly.

    I have a 2013 with 40,000 miles. It has been very reliable. Over the last 3 weeks/700 miles it has abruptly died and then quickly regained power three times. Three weeks ago it happened twice within 5 minutes. Both times I think I was ending or gradually decelerating from a high speed pass. The...
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    Lodging in Erwin TN

    In the middle of June I will be spending several days in the area of Erwin Tennessee . Anyone have suggestions for twisty roads or good places for lodging?
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    Lost spoke on rear wheel mid trip, keep riding or what?

    I am in the NC mountains 300 miles from home. I found a loose spoke with a missing nipple on the rear wheel. By luck I spotted that the spoke was missing the nipple in the parking lot. The spoke is bent and the nipple lost but no other damage. Can I ride with one missing spoke safely? I assume...
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    WTF..Turning off Rigid Aux lights turns on My Rostra Electronic Cruise

    I have a 2013. I have had the Rostra Electronic Cruise control for several years without problems. It is powered thru a relay activated by the switched power wire of the 3-pin Aux light plug. I installed a 6" Rigid Aux light this week end. It is also powered off of a relay activated by the same...
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    Rostra Cruise Control Install January 2014

    I installed a Rostra Electronic cruise control on my 2013 over the holidays. I haven’t seen a posting on this recently. I have installed 4 or 5 Audiovox vacuum operated cruise controls in the past and this was still challenging. The Rostra was actually simpler once the connections were located...
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    Lost a headlight temporaryly, 2013 Tenere 7500 miles

    Last night I was installing heated grips and when I started the bike the left head light did not work. The right was fine. I took the bulb out and it looked good and tested for continuity with an ohm meter. Just as a test I put the right bulb in the left socket and it worked. Okay fine, I have a...