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  1. raynchk

    Frame Infill Cover??

    Browsing through ebay and looking for ways to throw away money, I ran across these frame infill covers Anybody use them...
  2. raynchk

    Tire Pressure: Shinko 705

    Hi I put a set of Shinko's on my '16 S10 today. Had the pressure set to 40 (rear) 38 (front). I'm hoping to get at least 6,000 miles out of these and *maybe* this is the right pressure to do it. I'm about 240#s and ride mostly solo, but occasionally have a pilon rider. Attractive women always...
  3. raynchk

    Passenger Back Rest

    Anybody know of a place to find a passenger backrest? I've thought about putting a top box on, but really don't like the way it looks on the motorcyle.
  4. raynchk

    Garmin 660 Problems

    I bought a Garmin 660 from one of the members of this site and I'm having a hard time connecting to the Garmin map update site. I think he may have removed the original maps and for whatever reason, I can't connect to the Garmin Express app I downloaded to my computer. Anyone here got any...
  5. raynchk

    Howdy Everyone

    New owner here. Just picked up a 2016 ST and rode it back to Texas from Oregon. Nice bike!! Previously I owned a KTM 1290 SA and after an incident involving a barb wire fence the KTM was totaled and I wanted another motorcycle. I was tired of the super expensive maintenance of the KTM and had...
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