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  1. Paul466


    Yellow Super Tenere at Waterton Connyon “LM” today
  2. Paul466

    OEM shock for sale

    Hi all! I Have an OEM shock for sale $100 (non es model ‘12) Only 9K miles on it. Thanks!
  3. Paul466

    SKF fork seals

    Hi ! Does anyone know what part # SKF seal kit is under that will fit our forks? Thanks.
  4. Paul466

    Decal install methods

    Hi All! Just received the worldcrosser decal kit today. As far as install I would love to hear some good methods of lining them up.Can I install them wet? Or its only for special adhesive? Any input would be Appreciated. .Thx
  5. Paul466

    Tall oem windshield

    Hi All! I have been looking for a tall oem windshield for my `13 . Can't seem to find it online. Any suggestions? Anyone want to sell one? Thx!
  6. Paul466

    Yoshimura pipe

    Hi All! Decided on buying the Yoshimura slip on. Most a places are out of stock. Any hints?Any sellers? Thx!
  7. Paul466

    Australian UNI filter kit question.

    I recieved my UNI kit today from our trusty guy at RIDEONADV. As far as the breather goes how do I plug it up. Got two little filters and one rubber bushing. Is there another hole im not aware of? Any imput would help GREATLY. THX
  8. Paul466

    Penske shock comp. adjuster

    Hi Guys! Yesterday received my new Doubleclicker from Nick. After Install noticed that the compression adjuster is a hex and too tight to turn by hand.It kind of sucks that I got to have wrench to be able to make adjustements on a pretty hex adjuster. I noticed that the hose connection is pretty...
  9. Paul466

    Fork spring seats

    Hi All! Got my .90 fork springs from Nick last week so this weekend got to work on the forks. One issue I came across that made me feel uneasy was that oem springs have tapered coil new ones are straight diameter. the plastic spring seats fit loose inside the new springs. Is it an issue? should...
  10. Paul466

    Fork Cap nut size?

    What size is the fork cap? THX
  11. Paul466

    N/W adventure

    Hi ALL! Been planning this trip for a while: Denver to Vancouver.Plan is to go up thru Yellowston to Glacier N.P. than make left turn before Canada and bounce along the border to Vancouver. Downloaded WABDR planning on doing it on the way back. I would appreciate any input as far as interesting...
  12. Paul466

    GoPro hardwiring?

    Anyone hardwire a gopro on the ST? Is it possible?
  13. Paul466

    Headlight Bulb Options

    Hey Everyone! Got my harness updated and Piaa lights on and working. so my question is: when piaa lights came on with the pretty blue tint it made the headlights look cheap and outdated as far as light color goes. So since the harness has thicker gauge wires I think its safe to shop around for...
  14. Paul466

    piaa lights wiring

    So I got my "plug&play" kit today. This sucks! its a generic harness with +&- battery connectors! Where is my plug????? anyways there is the positive & negative wires + thin white wire that im not sure where it goes. its just cut and stripped. Anyone???THX!
  15. Paul466


    I was wondering if anyone is planning on going to the Pikes peak race? first time for myself. any tips? would be cool to hangout with some likeminded people. does it make sence to ride there if so is parking secure? Thx!
  16. Paul466

    Gastank scratch removal tips?

    Hi Everyone! Over the summer got stuck in a muddy situation. In the process I managed to tip over and my boot shank put abut an inch scratch in the side of the tank! It is through clearcoat not to metal. Want to get some graphics from Tabasco but im not sure what im into as far the repair. Any...
  17. Paul466


    Hi Everyone! decided to pull the trigger on the piaa kit. would anyone know if the lights come witch light covers? or is it a separate deal?
  18. Paul466


    Hi All! Been looking into some phones for my helmet. Sick of ear buds. Anyone got expierience with a good set up?Thx!
  19. Paul466

    lean stock fueling

    Hi All! The ST comes set up lean do to epa in my understanding from past posts. Since I live at altitude (Denver) would the lower air density create good fueling in stock condition? also if I get my ecu flashed would the tuner take altitude into consideration?
  20. Paul466

    WARN W350F lights

    Hi Everyone! Anybody tried these lights as alternative to piaa kit? They are rated at 55W Is the option lights plug enough juice?
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