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  1. OX-34

    Headlight projectors asymmetrical?

    Not the beam, the inner projector bulb thing itself. I've never noticed this before, so here are a few pics, then I need some advice or input if anyone has some to offer: For the last year I've been running the Cyclops LED kit. I've been disappointed with the performance, but that is...
  2. OX-34

    OX-34 Ya Big Chicken

    Its been too hot. Its been too rainy and flooded. Its too windy out there. I was talking with my wife about why I haven't been out riding much lately.... I said I might wait until the conditions get better. "Iron Butt?" she said. "Iron Butt Association - the World's Toughest Riders?". This...
  3. OX-34

    OX-34 Riding the Kangaroo

    Here's a pic of my beast and a SPOTWALLA screenshot of where I rode an Iron Butt Association BB2500K/BB1500M a couple of days ago:
  4. OX-34

    Australian 100CCC - 100 hours coast to coast to coast

    I haven’t done much riding of late and had no rides planned when I received the call on the Monday at 1900hr: a couple of extra days off work – sweet. I decided to do a run from home in Newcastle on the east coast to Darwin in the north - via Port Augusta. And back again. For you non-Aussies...
  5. OX-34

    Denver, CO - Can anyone store a bike for me?

    I'm riding in the Butt Lite Rally from Georgia to Denver, arriving 16th August at the Iron Butt International meet at the Marriott in Denver. The next day I fly back to Australia out of LAX. I'm in a pickle - I need someone in Denver with a bit of garage space enough to fit a Yamaha FJR until...
  6. OX-34

    Auxiliary fuel tank fitted - custom alloy cell.

    I finished my second auxiliary cell installation today. Custom 20litre aluminium plate flatbed style tank gives an optimised Iron But Rally volume of 43 litres or a bit under 11.5 gallons. The flat bed gives me ample luggage space. Little test run tomorrow. Tank range now of over...
  7. OX-34

    USA Online bike sale sites.

    Hi US-based guys and gals. I'm planning on travelling to the US this year and next year and am interested in buying a used (i.e. already run in) US bike to keep there. I'm after a couple of links to where you source used bikes within the USA. I realise there's ebay, plus I've found...
  8. OX-34

    Twisted Throttle - my first bad experience

    I've been buying stuff for my last handful of bikes from Twisted Throttle for a few years now - shipped to Australia in quick time ::008:: No dramas until now. I ordered a bunch of items for both the Tenere and the FJR: Denalis and mounts, Bags Connection tank bag and ring, those new fancy...
  9. OX-34

    FarRide #18 to Nambucca Heads

    Some of you fellow Aussies may have heard of the FarRiders - a long distance group here in Australia who conduct ride-to-eat rides of over 1000km in 24 hours. We had 4 Teneres present and accounted for in the 100 or so bikes. Here's my report of the ride on my Tenere: Usually the Nambucca...
  10. OX-34

    Auxiliary fuel tank fitted - JAZ cell

    I finally got around to transplanting the JAZ tank from my Blackbird to the Tenere. Firstly, remove the bodywork from the left and right sides to access the tank mounts. 2 screws and the tank is free to swing upward - I supported it with a strap to allow quick adjustment of the angle...
  11. OX-34

    5000km in 51 and a half hours

    I've got some plans for the Tenere to do some big mile/km days so I took mine out on a test ride... Pretty simple plan. I live at the beach on the east coast of Australia. The Western Australia state border is 2512km away so it fits nicely on a ride plan for an Iron Butt BBG 2500...
  12. OX-34

    New Aussie Member

    Hi All I put down a deposit today for my Super Tenere; turn the key for the first time in a few days. This is my first real adventure style bike after running a Kawasaki Versys for most of the last year as an intro to the ergonomics of these bikes. Initially I considered the GS (like many...
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