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  1. Ron_Luning

    2012 Super Tenere, Maryland, $5200

    2012 Yamaha Super Tenere - NO TRADES -34,117 miiles as of 26 September 2019 -Located Ellicott City MD -Original owner purchased via Yamaha's PDP deposit program and delivered in August 2011 -Mainly used for commuting in San Diego prior to moving to Maryland in 2015. Since then mile...
  2. Ron_Luning

    2012 Yamaha Super Tenere no longer for sale

    2012 Yamaha Super Tenere - black -32,878 miles as of January 29 2019 -Located Ellicott City MD -Original owner purchased via Yamaha's PDP deposit program and delivered in August 2011 -Mainly used for commuting in San Diego prior to moving to Maryland in 2015. Since then mile accumulation has...
  3. Ron_Luning

    2016 XSR900

    I just got this XSR900 as a new old stock/leftover in March 2018. Less than 800 miles, showroom perfect condition. Only modifications are a Graves tail tidy, and an ECU flash by Vcyclenut (stock exhaust) to alleviate the horrible fueling that Yamaha seems to put on all their motorcycles these...
  4. Ron_Luning

    2017 OSET 24.0 Racing Dealer Demo $3750

    For sale is my dealer demo 2017 OSET 24.0 Racing electric trials bike with <6 hours total. Technical details can be found on OSET's site. I used the bike to make this video: Attached is a stock photo from OSET. High resolution photos of the actual...
  5. Ron_Luning

    Selling is dumb or just part of the addiction?

    I'm one of the 2011 pdp buyers of '12 Super Tenere. After 4 years of mostly commuting, weekend day rides, and a handful of longer trips while living in San Diego, we moved to Maryland and have 2 little kids. My commute is trash since lane splitting is apparently more offensive than homicide...
  6. Ron_Luning

    OSET 12.5 Electric Trials Motorcycles (ages 2 - 5)

    I have 2017 OSET 12.5 electric trials motorcycles for sale, both the Eco and Racing version. They have a 15-inch "seat" height, which make them ideal for 2 - 5 year old riders. These are the best real motorcycles to get the little ones started off right. My own 3 year old has one and loves it...
  7. Ron_Luning

    Do Fastway EVO III footpegs fit?

    I tried contacting the company to ask if they fit without a "fit kit" like they require for their other footpeg product lines, but no response yet. Does anyone know for sure if these pegs fit the Super Tenere...
  8. Ron_Luning

    Maryland = If Nazi Germany Won WWII

    Just moved to Maryland from California. People joke about CA being a socialist/communist state, and certainly it has its problems, but let me tell you that MD is on a whole other level. Even though my Super Tenere is a 2012, I will have to pay a sales tax to MD for registering it here (in...
  9. Ron_Luning

    I think I'm finally getting it

    Old man strength that is. Still getting used to the power though.
  10. Ron_Luning

    Touratech 20mm bar risers for sale

    I just installed new bars and Rox risers, so these are used takeoffs. Here is the product. Includes risers and longer bolts. Make me an offer! Will only ship to 48 US states.
  11. Ron_Luning

    Madstad bracket does not stay in place

    I have a madstad bracket mounted in the lower position (no crossbar installed), and a medium Calsci shield. In the upper position the madstad bracket slips backwards at speed until the shield is more or less angled back toward me as much as possible. This is extremely annoying now that it is...
  12. Ron_Luning

    Motorcyclist Magazine Digital Edition screwing me over?

    Anyone else that had a current digital subscription to Motorcyclist update to he new app and it tries to force you to pay to download issues? I restored my old purchases and it seemed to work for October and the months going back to when my 12 month subscription started, but it tries to make me...
  13. Ron_Luning

    What is the most close-fitting set of side case racks?

    I live in California and can split lanes on my commute, so I've never used side cases because of the ridiculous width. Even with a briefcase size Pelican case, it looks like most of the mounts for sale would push the cases way outside the width of the bike's handlebars. That is a no-go for my...
  14. Ron_Luning

    Pelican Case as Tank Bag

    I've always liked the idea of the tank ring used by SW Motech on their Bags-Connection tank bags. Unfortunately, they charge sky-high prices for the bags (which are not waterproof), and will not sell you the tank rings unless you have proof of buying one of their bags. Not long ago, Cortech...
  15. Ron_Luning

    Oil Consumption

    I got back early Monday morning from a 900ish mile ride. The oil level at the start was around the 2/3 level in the glass. Now I have to tip the bike to the right to even see any oil. The ride was mainly highway for the way back, but speeds were generally between 75-82 mph so the engine wasn't...
  16. Ron_Luning

    Sequoia National Park via Super Tenere Check out the above link for my photos.
  17. Ron_Luning

    Stalling...Power Commander?

    I've been embarrassed and more importantly put in a pretty dangerous situation a few times already with this stalling right off idle at traffic lights. I have always used 91 octane; ethanol free isn't really an option in southern California. I haven't heard a ping as others have described. This...
  18. Ron_Luning

    2006 V-Strom 650 San Diego, CA $4200

    2006 Suzuki V-Strom 650 (non-ABS) - 25,187 miles: Includes: -CA registration through June 2012 -Heated handgrips -Pat Walsh skidplate/crashbars -Power Bronze windscreen -Stock windscreen -12V power outlet -SW Motech quick connect side luggage racks -Pelican 1550 side cases -Handguards...
  19. Ron_Luning

    This place has potential

    It looks like this has potential to be more informative than ADVrider because users don't have to sift through the threads about so many different bikes. Hopefully too many assclowns don't make themselves known on here like every other internet forum....oh wait, I just registered so there goes...
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