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  1. ~TABASCO~

    DOG: Looking for a foster home or a new home

    Hello, This is a total LONG SHOT but I'm willing to try. This dog was running around our neighborhood about two weeks ago. We are dog lovers so we fed the dog and won over its trust. We have tried everything we know to do to try and find the owners. We have had constant contact with our...
  2. ~TABASCO~

    RIDE ON ADV (Forum Store)

    Hello folks, We have always been a really small business here to help out the Super Tenere community. The parts sales have really dropped off over the years. We no longer see a reason to support our little web site. (I don't know computers to do it all myself) We will be now taking...
  3. ~TABASCO~

    Stumbled across this video, I have to ride it !

    Has anyone gone out and ridden this ride ? Can you give more info? I HAVE to go do this ride ! ! !
  4. ~TABASCO~

    Rear diff oil seal "check first" thought, I found !

    Changed out my leaking seal yesterday. What I noticed after installing the new seal is that the original leaking seal was not pressed in as deep as the new seal. So, I wonder if my original leaking seal had just backed out slightly causing it to leak? I didn't think to look or check this until...
  5. ~TABASCO~

    Stromathon / Super Tenere Ride, South Texas

    Should be a blast! Show up if you can !
  6. ~TABASCO~

    Anyone want to go to Big Bend, Texas in the next month or so?

    Some Tenere friends and I are looking to head to Big Bend in the next four weeks or so... It would be fun to have some other Tenere riders show up and go tear up lots of dirt roads. We DONT have and serious plans at this time. We will be camping and riding lots of dirt roads. Probably...
  7. ~TABASCO~

    Installed Galfer rear disc and pads!

    Over the years I’ve replaced SO MANY customer rear disc it’s kinda a joke. I use to have a stack of rear disc at the shop until one day took them to the recycling center. I have a few customers on there forth rear disc. Anyhow, the time has come for my bike to get a new rear disc and I...
  8. ~TABASCO~

    Does this look correct ? (Fuse block)

    Is this how you wire the fuse block? I think this is correct! Lol
  9. ~TABASCO~

    DAKAR “Tenere 450” racing, like the T7?

    I’ve been watching the highlights on you tube each night. I’ve also been watching the Yamaha guys do a good job. Anyhow, has anyone looked at the Dakar Yamaha race bikes? They basically look just like the new T7 (Tenere 700). The Dakar bikes are limited to a 450cc motor. So, is Yamaha...
  10. ~TABASCO~

    ~SOLD~ New Altrider skid plate Silver

    F/S: I have one brand new silver skid plate for sale.
  11. ~TABASCO~

    Burning oil ? Adding oil ?

    I’m sure this has been brought up before. But I’m beginning to see more and more of this. I see folks with low oil, and the conversation will start. Some customers have left after this conversation and then reported back over 8-10K miles. Just after this last trip, has prompted me to make a...
  12. ~TABASCO~

    BeeLine Nav.... looks really cool !

    Maybe not for everyone, but looks to be really cool.. I don't sell or know anything more about it other than the video.
  13. ~TABASCO~

    ~TABASCO~ needs some computer help

    Hello, With the new forum layout I don't know where to put this question... The RideOnADV web site has been hacked and I don't know how to fix it. Can anyone help me? Thank you ~ Jaxon
  14. ~TABASCO~

    GEN III NEW Super Tenere question / info

    Just a thought. If the Gen III "new" Tenere comes out looking like a large version of the new Tenere 700 / T7, what would be your thoughts ? Of course it would have all the latest tech, but your thoughts on it being a BIG T7 ? (looking). No chain, but general looks. ?????
  15. ~TABASCO~

    1910'ish Walker 784 floor jack I just refurbished

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a little project I've been working on this winter for fun. This is a series 'A' Walker 784, 4 ton jack. (about 4.5 feet long and about 150 Lbs) This model started about 1910 and moved up to series 'E' (I believe) with several changes along the way. You can see...
  16. ~TABASCO~

    Long-Lines / Longer hydraulic lines are still available !

    In stock, ready to ship ! Hello to everyone, As most of you know we have provided the community with many parts of the years. We still offer our long lines for the clutch and brake to lengthen out for bar risers. We have them in stock and ready to ship. Just wanted to remind the new...
  17. ~TABASCO~

    FS: Altrider / Touratech

    Altrider muffler guard $15 (SOLD) Touratech rear rack $65 (SOLD) (SOLD) Altrider exhaust guard $35 (SOLD) I also have several sets of 'new' plastic factory "fall over side bars"............ and a set of 'new' factory foot pegs with the springs.......... make offer. just let me...
  18. ~TABASCO~

    USEFUL INFORMATION - quality gear repair

    Hello, Just passing on some useful information. I bought some gear that comes with a five year warranty. Bought it from Revzilla and contacted them. They would not tell me where they have it fixed, but they took care of it. After I received it back I thought (the repair center) did an...
  19. ~TABASCO~

    I need an electrical engineer for a little project.

    Hey guys, Looking for an electrical engineer for a little project. I want to build a little project that uses a small solar panel with a dusk to dawn feature, that powers a 11" LED strip for the night. I have bought a small dusk to dawn garden LED lamp, but it says its only 5.5v, and...
  20. ~TABASCO~

    Ear plugs / Sena / hearing loss / ear buds / your thoughts

    Hello, Because of my hearing loss I've tried my best to keep what I have left. I've always worn earplugs while riding for the last twenty years. A friend got me using a Sena unit now. I still use ear plugs while using the standard speakers, the stock Sena speakers are/were crap. I then...
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