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  1. Wrathchild

    Back pain, NOT lower back, kind of on my back lats, a few inches out from the spine on each side HELP!

    And it seems to not happen if I am "active" on the bike, like riding too fast tensing up my core, or fighting a heavy wind. If I just sit relaxed on the bike, the pain is almost unbearable even with 600mg of ibuprofen. This is killing me because I can't just sit and relax for a nice ride, and I...
  2. Wrathchild

    Hand warmer shields. The big bucket looking ones. Trying to find a certain set

    There was a set I have seen posted around here, they are like 60 bucks I believe, and the page that has them, shows them mounted on a DRZ, over the big barkbusters, and from what I saw people said they work great on an S10. They are similar to these...
  3. Wrathchild

    How much of a pita is the install on the OEM crash bars?

    Right off let me say that I am not looking for "you should do X brand instead" so please don't, I know there are more protective chocies, but these are what I have. I already have these, I have no other funds to do different ones and am not going to for a while so I am not interested. I am...
  4. Wrathchild

    How much of a pain in the butt is an oil change with the factory skidplate?

    Sorry for all the probably stupid questions, I am just new to this bike. My Vstrom became a friggin nightmare to get the drain plug back into with my SW-Motech skid plate. Am I in for the same level of cursing and throwing the ratchet across the garage with the ST and the factory skid plate?
  5. Wrathchild

    How to remove and re-use factory heated grips?

    I want to do bars but I have never removed grips without a razor blade before. How can I get them off the stock bars and onto some aftermarket bars without f'ing them up? And for those who have done it, how do I make sure those grips are on there solid without a safety wire? Grip glue? I know...
  6. Wrathchild

    higher side protection with stock crashbars?

    I have the stock crashbars but it looks like they don't actually protect the side bodywork at all. I have seen pics of a bike with higher side bars, with the Yamaha crash bars, does anyone have any info on that? Please don't say "buy these other whole crashbars" because the Yamaha crash bars...
  7. Wrathchild

    New guy from Texas

    Hi, I'm Dave. Just got my 2016 ES yesterday. I had a 2014 Vstrom 1000 for a few years, that was a great bike but I could just never get the fit quite right and after battling neck and back pain, and buffeting problems I traded it in on the bike I wanted to begin with. I also traded my 2016...
  8. Wrathchild

    New guy in Austin area, anyone want to trade their stock seat for a Sargent?

    I got my bike yesterday, its a 2016 ES and came with a Sargent seat and I don't really like it. I sat on a stock one and the stock seat works better for me. I might see if Seat Concepts can do anything but for now stock is fine. My seat is mint, I just want to trade straight across. If anyone...
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