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    SW-Motech Adventure Rack

    I have the sw-motech pannier track adv on my ten the rear rack is good and strong the 110mm m8 bolts should b great but one snapped and bugger to get out other wise very good strong recommend them
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    updated cpu map

    thanks I rang Yamaha Australia and old mate said no one in oz has experience this problem. Took it to my local dealer and they found the following codes: 89 CAN.COM 244 DIFFICULT/UNABLE TO START. AND 245 ENGINE STALL. all of these without getting a check engine light on the dash, not sure what...
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    updated cpu map

    hi, Had the hard start issue last week, annoying really >:(, heard talk that Yamaha were releasing an update and fix, any word on this? Rang the dealer and said didn't think so. Mark
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    OEM bridgestones

    Hi first post (be gentle with me), anyone else impressed with the OEM tyres? have done 3500kms on them and have to say they have done everything asked of them. including very heavy rain, snow, twisties and dirt. having used a series of different tyres on the previous tiger, is there anything out...
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