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    Amsoil Metric or V Twin oil?

    What utter garbage!
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    New to ADV bikes

    I traded my 06 RS (tour deluxe) in on a Tenere. Loved the RS but got tired of all that weight! I can say the S10 is the best all-around bike I've owned now, and I only ride on asphalt. That doesn't mean I'm still not looking though. After a year or two of owning a bike and can't think of any...
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    Small air compressors

    I too added a 30 cal ammo box to the right side that contains a $35 Harbor Freight compressor, tools, plugs and a couple other things. Never had to use it though, just piece of mind so far.
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    Windshield width

    By the design of the bike, you can only go so wide before hitting the bars. So turbulence (in traffic) and side winds will always get you..........unless, you do something radically different. My winter/travel shield is 18" wide and I could have gone wider. Nice pocket of protection.
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    2019 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE LT

    They had to update it with the new Yam Tracer GT on the market now! I like it. Neat to see manufactures making shifting easier. Honda with a double clutch setup and YAM and KAW going with assist modes.
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    Winter storage

    Yes, even better, remove battery and bring inside to eliminate the temp cycle and cold of winter. Unless you bike lives with you inside! Like mine do!
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    Bike Won't Turn On

    Yes, wonder where the bike is stored?
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    Clutch buddy?

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    Clutch buddy?

    I'm getting rid of all this shifting eventually anyway. One thing about 6 gears instead of a 5 gear bike, it feels like your just shifting ALL the time. Next year or so, I'm gong with one of Honda's DCT bikes and be done with it. They are proving to be rather reliable.
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    Clutch buddy? Interesting product but I think it operates wrong and could be simpler. What they don't talk about is, if you keep pressure off the plates while at rest, that helps it shift into first without the 'clunk". This would allow that capability.
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    New guy in Kansas

    Where the heck would that be?
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    New guy in Kansas

    If it was a side wind, yes, that must have been exhausting. I know of only one way to stop side winds from hitting you. I'm just glad I don't live in Kansas anymore! Flat and straight roads, how boring........
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    Is anyone using 10w-30 oil?

    Yep, you should ALWAYS go by the manufactures recommended weight of oil with a possible exception of the w (winter) number. That only comes into play at start-up (cold engine) and would be for a short duration. Heck, oils use to be straight weights anyway!
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    Modes, S and T, my thoughts.

    That's funny, just got mine done by Anthony and I feel S mode is too aggressive in traffic, it's better than stock though! Heck I just got a speeding ticket 2 days ago. Damn it Anthony!!
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    Modes, S and T, my thoughts.

    I'm 90% T mode as I ride hyway (S or T makes no diff, just at speed) then in through town with traffic. Now it I were to take a 'trip', I would prob use S mode most of the time.
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    Modes, S and T, my thoughts.

    Ya, to make you happy.....................lets just go with that!
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    Modes, S and T, my thoughts.

    There, you answered it! Also the S10, you sit in a very neutral upright position, no lean back or front to support you. At least with my 3.5 higher bars. I like this myself (comfortable) This causes the hands on the handlebars to support you on accel or decel.
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    Modes, S and T, my thoughts.

    Well, of the 7 prior bikes I've had, none had the decel like the S10, and I'm specifically talking about the excessive braking in 'S' mode, of which Anthony removes (lowers) in a re-flash! :D
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    Modes, S and T, my thoughts.

    Yes to each their own. I prefer the less eng. braking with the re-flash! I am curious what the re-flash did to my MPG's though. Will know sometime this week!
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    Modes, S and T, my thoughts.

    I've enjoyed all the 4 cyl. bikes I've had. They have a broader power band and don't seem to lug as easy. I'm just now enjoying the S10 (1st gen) after finally getting it re-flashed. Always disappointed in it before. Although I'm always in 'T' mode as 'S' is very........lets say.........gung-ho!
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