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    Blue Gen1 at the Royal Sussex County Hospital

    If by any chance you left a day shift and saw a silver S10 parked near your blue one, that was me. Lets start an NHS riders group down here shall we?
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    Horn upgrade-advice needed

    I noticed today how awful the oem horn is. I've had a look and the horn I want is the dual tone PIAA 330/400hz horn. Now I'm hoping I can simply connect it to where I will remove the oem one, without the need for further relay or replacement wiring. Has anyone fitted a dual tone horn with or...
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    Auxiliary LED lights

    Hi all, I'm just trying to sort some aux lights to fit on the bars. Seems everyone has them so someone must have a good answer. While looking I keep finding ones from denali and givi that cost £200+ and identical looking ones from china that cost between £10 and £40. So I'm not going to spend...
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    Givi SR371 minus the monokey plate

    I'm after an adapter to fit a monokey plate. I have the monokey plate I just need the adapter thingy. Givi supply it with a plate and I'm not sure if they will sell it on its own. In the UK. Anybody? Cheers
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    Saying goodbye to my TDM

    So any day now I'll get my XT delivered and hopefully be selling my tdm900 to a colleague. The Tenere will make the tdm redundant despite it having served me so incredibly well. Everything negative I read about the Tenere is stuff I can easily dismiss from getting to know the tdm. A detuned big...
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    Adjusting clutch lever tension

    Hi, I've only test ridden so far but as I'm used to a light clutch and keeping clutch engaged rather than use neutral when waiting, I found the tension to be so hard it was uncomfortable. Is there a way I can adjust the tension or do I need to learn to use neutral more..? TIA
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    Awaiting delivery of my 2010!

    Hi everyone. I rode a tdm900 for the last 2 years all year round, covering nearly 30000 miles and after completing Aberdeen to Brighton in 12hrs (666.6 miles!?!) I decided the time had come to change up to my dream bike. I just test rode and bought a 2010 Super Tenere and can't wait for the next...
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