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  1. klingklang

    XTZ12E, XTZ12EC, XTZ12EE and XTZ12EEC

    Just got the service manual and looking at the wiring diagram, I found XTZ12E, XTZ12EC, XTZ12EE and XTZ12EEC , sorry for my stupid question if it is, but what are those. A search only give me links for service book. For countries? where do I find mine, on the ID plate?
  2. klingklang

    Question about ABS off through rear sensor?

    Is somebody tried to switch of the rear sensor? I wonder if doing that will turn off only the rear ABS or the computer will see it as a failure and turn every thing off?
  3. klingklang

    spacers instead of risers?

    I'd like to make myself 35mm dia. spacers to place under the handlebar stems. Don't know the lengh yet, between 20 to 30mm probably. Will change the studs for longer one with at least class 10.9. I did not removed them to check further yet, but by the nut, It is probably a stud M10x1.25...
  4. klingklang


    From the parts number ( C13-UT101-10-0L OUTDOOR STORAGE COVER) I did not found it on us site, only on canadian or euro site. It is brand new, I had it with the bike as a gift in march2017 and never opened it. The pouch is bit dusty for layin in the garage and that is all. Here is the link from...
  5. klingklang

    Ecu Flash Gen2 Canadian Bike, what you got?

    Winter is as the door, so it will be a good time to send ecu . I don't want a race bike, I want a smooth bike on throtle release, more frugal and that won't stop at lights or on slow corner when the bike is cold on colder days and compatible with gen2 canadian bike. My most important request...
  6. klingklang

    News from 12oClockLabs plug&play ES speedometer healer

    Like most of us, my speedo is off and I hate that. My previous bike was dead on. So I've sent a mail to 12oClockLabs that sell easy plugin system for correction of speedometer (healer). Following is a transcript of our communications FYI Vehicle: 2016 yamaha super tenere Product: Speedodrd...
  7. klingklang

    extended stem rox riser (brand new)

    specific rox riser for the s10 2014+, clear aluminum,. I did not even open the box to check. I went with a new handlebar instead. 85$ shipped from canada...
  8. klingklang

    Genuine yamaha panniers / handlebar

    Black yamaha panniers with rack and hardware. From a 2016 ES with 11000km . No scratch, no stickers, perfect. $550USD I keep my cyclinder lock. Would prefer someone local since stupid canada post think we are living 1 200 000km from any frontiers. Aldo have a genuine gen2 handlebar from de...
  9. klingklang

    SZ45 TCX X-Mile boots

    Near brand new boot bought last year. Used only 13km morning, 13km evening few days a week, in other words, go to job as I use my adventure boots for normal ride. Unfortunately, I have very high arch and front feet and for some reason I can't get in them this year. It was very hard last summer...
  10. klingklang

    Any tip for bar end removal

    on the gen2 that bar end, once the hanguards screws removed, need a 12mm hex key. But it is hard as hell and scared to strip everything. I don't want to heat because I don't want to scrap my grip. Is there red loctite in there? what did you do. need your input please.
  11. klingklang

    ES fork springs compressor side holes Help plz

    Is it me or... opened the fork's today (2016 es) to change springs and I see no side holes for the compressor tools. What you guys did?
  12. klingklang

    Looking for long lines

    bought rox riser, will do the rerouting for not but looking for a long lines kit. If you have one laying around let me know....
  13. klingklang

    A word or two to mother nature

    Hey come on you BEEEEEP BEEEEEP. We are April 1st you still dropping your BEEEEEP snow. You're such a BEEEEEP sometimes. How about loosing your job, maybe you're too old, maybe you're losing mind. BEEEEEP you BEEEEEP. Is it Donald? Forget about this BEEEEEP BEEEEEP. There is other place in...
  14. klingklang

    Tecno question from new comer

    Do Yamaha have a genuine sofware to plug to the bike, for codes, checkup, resets, infos... . For people that knows, I had VIDA for my volvo, VCDS for vw, TuneBoy for my Triumph. Is there something similar for the Tenere. I only see here stuff for aftermarket mapping. Not interested.
  15. klingklang

    favor too: top rack bolt position

    I don't have the bike with me and would like to make my own laser cut plate. Someone have some drawing, sketch with the right position for the mounting point. 2016 ES
  16. klingklang

    ES fork springs, anyone updated them?

    I read many post but did not saw what I was looking for. It is winter time and that a good time to shop. I want to change the rear spring and will do the front also to keep the sag and rake even. Many info for the rears and I know what I want but for the front.... Look like the ES is...
  17. klingklang

    which Co. has the narrowest pannier rack (symmetrical)

    I am planning to make my own pannier that suit my needs. I want them symmetrical, who makes the narrowest (2016ES). If you have numbers like the external dim of the rack so I can put already in my cad. I saw the givi PL-2119 review here, not sure about the SW and others.
  18. klingklang

    Super tenere graphic kit

    Hi. Just bought a 2016 ST ES. It is black and so much boring. I am crawling the google images for graphic kits. Beside a company that took the bike for a harley ( ) as...
  19. klingklang

    SOLD Super tenere T-shirt NWOT SOLD

    XL blue t-shirt. Bought that in croatia but it is too small for me. 16$ shipped US/Canada. paypal only SOLD!
  20. klingklang

    Upper crash bar for givi?

    hi, I just bought a 2016 ST ES and it came with givi crash bar. Not my favorite but it is there. I like the concept of upper bars and asking myself if someone tried to fit an after market one or if there is one made that will fit.
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