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  1. GreatWhiteHunter

    Suspension Overhaul

    Ok, you guys chat a LOT on these forums. Way too much for me to spend all day reading about why you like or don't like this or that. So, ima gonna tell you what I'm about to do and I'll let you add your "wisdom" as you see fit. I'm going to buy two things for my 14 non es model. A rear shock...
  2. GreatWhiteHunter

    Anyone up for a bfast ride?

    So, I used to do these rides on Sunday mornings. I'd leave Mexico (where I live) and ride to Old Forge for breakfast. Sometimes ride through the 'Daks for a bit then head home. If anyone is interested in doing this sometime let me know. I prolly don't need more than a days notice but that means...
  3. GreatWhiteHunter

    FOR SALE: Jesse Luggage for Yamaha Tenere 1200 - $550 SHIPPED

    These are the 8" Odyssey bags in the grey color. They are in very good condition and have only two small defects. One on the outside of the right bag and one on the inside of the same bag. I've tried to get pix of both. The inside was the cause of the PO mounting the racks improperly and the bag...
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