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  1. Fatallybitten

    Wanted muffler

    I am in Calgary. If you want it, send me a message and we can figure out how to get it to you.
  2. Fatallybitten

    Wanted muffler

    I have a lightly used one (less than 2,000 kms) off a '14ES. I don't think there is any difference between ES/non-ES. Where are you located?
  3. Fatallybitten

    auto tune o2 sensor bung

    That is where mine was welded on my 2014 ES with Arrow headers.
  4. Fatallybitten

    Moab on Dual Sports

    Steve, again, great photos of an awesome ride and a nice report. I am off to Utah this weekend, by car, for some hiking with my better half and some friends. We will be in Moab for a few days before heading to Bryce and Zion. And I know all about snow. My 2018 Super Tenere is sitting in the...
  5. Fatallybitten

    Do you carry extra gas ?

    I carry a 2 gallon Rotopax when I think I might need the extra range.
  6. Fatallybitten

    Need rack for Mosko soft bag

    I have Jesse Luggage racks for my panniers and mount my Mosko Moto soft bags on the passenger seat, leaving the rear rack clear for other gear. The Jesse racks keep the soft bags away from any other part of the bike.
  7. Fatallybitten

    Will I get parts failure

    I am picking up my third Tenere this month, a 2018 ES. My first was a left over Gen 1 (2013) that I picked up in 2014 and put 30,000 trouble free kms on. The current owner has put another 20,000 kms on the bike with no issues. My second was a left over 2014 ES that I bought in 2015 and put...
  8. Fatallybitten

    Upper cowls 2014

    I have removed both side panels countless times. I have found that starting all the screws before tightening any of them helps.
  9. Fatallybitten

    Black, Blue, Silver, White, Grey, Red, or Sand?

    Re: Black, Blue, Silver, White or Grey Looks like the choice in 2018 is down to one colour. Purplish blue. May have to change the thread.
  10. Fatallybitten

    Trial Run Gen2

    Now that blue (sort of) is the only colour choice, at least in Canada, I will be joining the blue crowd. But I will miss Matte Grey, which was the colour of both my 2013 and 2014 ES. My orange days are over, although I did consider the 1090 rather than staying with the Super Tenere, but I...
  11. Fatallybitten

    Average MPG

    These fuel economy discussions are always interesting. Here is my two cents worth. I have had a 13 (Gen 1) that I put 30,000 kms on and a 14 (Gen 2) that I put 66,000 kms on. Here is the raw data. 2013...
  12. Fatallybitten

    Arizona bound ADV trip, need advice

    Jaxon, a couple of us from Canada are heading to the Flying Monkey Adv Rally at Zion Ponderosa Ranch which was the site of last year's Tenere rally. The dates are Oct 5-8th. After that we are doing Burr Trail, Mogi Dugway, Valley of the Gods and then heading up to the Moab area to do White...
  13. Fatallybitten

    Surging at around 3,000 rpm when running heated gear

    PCV was added when I did the Arrow headers, exhaust and flash. Has been working fine for 60,000 kms and is still doing its job. It gets power through the Easter Beaver fuse box.
  14. Fatallybitten

    Surging at around 3,000 rpm when running heated gear

    I have the heated gear wired through a switched circuit on an Eastern Beaver aux fuse box. The only other draw on the system at the time the surging was happening, apart from running the bike, was a Power Commander. The surging happens at around 3,000 rpm when the throttle is light and it...
  15. Fatallybitten

    Surging at around 3,000 rpm when running heated gear

    Surging happens at light throttle. Not at idle or rolling on or off the throttle. I will borrow a controller from a buddy and see if that is the culprit.
  16. Fatallybitten

    Surging at around 3,000 rpm when running heated gear

    Checked the battery connections. All tight. Any other ideas?
  17. Fatallybitten

    Surging at around 3,000 rpm when running heated gear

    Just returned from a fall trip when I used my heated jacket and gloves for the first time since the spring. The bike surged at ~3,000 rpm in any gear when I was cruising with light throttle. No surging during acceleration or cruising at higher revs. I know the heated gear is the culprit as...
  18. Fatallybitten

    Colorado Exploring 2017

    Steve, thanks for posting the ride report. You are a lucky man to have a wife who will do two up riding and camping with you. What a great way to spend time together! Enjoy the rest of the riding season and safe travels.
  19. Fatallybitten

    Arrow versus OEM muffler question

    Thanks. Anyone know if Autotune will make any fueling adjustments to lean it out?
  20. Fatallybitten

    Arrow versus OEM muffler question

    I have a full Arrow kit on my 2014 ES and have the ECU flashed for that set up. I also have a PCV and Autotune. What are the implications of switching back to the OEM muffler temporarily? You might ask why. The answer is to comply with a landowner's noise restriction ie: can't go on his...