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  1. Yahmy

    Trip to Bostswana

    I recently joined a group of adventure seekers for a organised trip up north to Botswana. Since there are not that many S10 bikes at events like these, but usually one or so and in time they get more and more, I was glad to see the team leader having his black S10 there. I attached a photo of...
  2. Yahmy

    Report on Givi sidecase rack, with pictures

    Thanks for the detailed pictures on the rack/frame for the cases. I have a pair of cases but will make the frame up myself. The cases are actually plastic bins used for shipping welding machines. They look reasonably good and will only be used when I am on the occasional longer trips. Otherwise...
  3. Yahmy

    What is the service Cost of 6000 miles for a yamaha at your local dealers

    Bundu, Which one of the dealers were the cheapest. Mine need to be serviced next week. I am quite sure that we passed one another last week Thursday near WAFB. Recognised your bike by the decals you posted recently.
  4. Yahmy

    What tires did your Super-Tenere come with?

    likomters???? LOL please read kilometers
  5. Yahmy

    What tires did your Super-Tenere come with?

    Did 9470 kilometres on the Metzlers and fitted a new one yesterday. Could have done another 1000 kms still but had a persistent slow leak, so decided to replace earlier. Well i dont know if I got good milage/likomters from it or not. Would like to know what milage one can expect from a rear tyre...
  6. Yahmy

    tenere headlight adjuster

    Thanks for the post. I found that from day 1 the main beam was set to high. Having, what I call very bright and powerfull headlights, it is all wasted energy if the beam is set to high. I had to use the low beam to see more of the road. Anyone had the same experience? Now I will find a level...
  7. Yahmy

    Black WaspWorks decals on the Silver Super Tenere!!!

    Great job Bundu! You must let me have a look at it soon! Yes with that sticker kit, I think the red must go! :)
  8. Yahmy

    How many S10's do you think Yamaha sold in the US??

    I think they will sell a lot more, once the bikes are available in the US. In South Africa about 400 S10 bikes sold in 12 months and the biking population here is a minute small number against the US market and its potential. This is the kind of bike that sells itself, once available and visible...
  9. Yahmy

    2012 Honda Crosstourer (VFR1200X)

    No no no and again No! They will surely not see me on an automatic bike on a dirt road! No! I just cannot even imagine it.
  10. Yahmy

    Do you wear a 'flip up type' modular helmet ? What brand ?

    I use the Vega Summit with Bluetooth integrated headset. in my opinion the shell is very big, makes me look like a space man from mars and the helmet is too noisy. The flip up mechanism also not smooth to operate. The flip down tinted sun shield rattles, vibrates and is difficult to see through...
  11. Yahmy

    Crash Bars from S Africa!!

    Guys, Here is attached the quote I got from Rollbend for the bars. it is in South Africa Rand, which is about 6.7 to 1 USD. I dont know what shipping costs will be and if they do ship outside of SA, but you can enquire directly. website is I should have fitted it already...
  12. Yahmy

    OEM top case

    Hi Swagger, Glad you got the thing assembled again. I am planning to get the OEM topcase as well, since I like the over square look. What do you think of the build quality, and is it easy/quick to remove and attacha again to the bike? Your experience in this regard is appreciated, Regards, Andre
  13. Yahmy

    S10 South Africa rollbar / skid plate

    Hi Salty, I checked with the manufacturer in South Africa, and unless there is another manufacturer here, then the proce is actually R2960-00 in South African Rands. Converted to USD it is about $441-79 The manufacturer is RollBend and the website is I saw it in person...
  14. Yahmy

    Alt Rider Crash Bars & Side stand foot

    @ Myron, I wish you a speedy and full recovery. Think of you and i know what it is like to go through this kind of thing. I was lucky... very lucky and whish you all the luck and more! Regards, Andre
  15. Yahmy

    I'm back!!

    From what I understand in your posts, I can assure you, that you will really enjoy the S10. I have mine now for a year and it just continues to become better and better!
  16. Yahmy

    UK May deal.

    :-[ My brain is too small to understand this! :'( In S Africa we pay an extra 12 000 Rand for that and it does not include the topbox. The US guys just dont get it or their bikes at all as yet! The UK guys get all the nice things for free! Sulk! :mad: Hope they give you two sets of...
  17. Yahmy

    Travelling to GREECE

    Hi Turk, I would have loved to go with, but unfortunately I am going to tour Botswana on the same weekend! Enjoy your trip and show photos. I will take a few photos as well, but usually I enjoy the riding so much that I forget about photos. :))
  18. Yahmy

    Another good video of the XT1200Z

    Any idea where the video of the S10 was made? Must be somewhere in North Africa I guess, but where? It was amazing to see so many S10's together in what looks like its natural habitat!
  19. Yahmy

    Dealer Information on Delivery date

    Guys, I really feel a lot of compassion for you in the US having to wait it out for so long. In South Africa you can just walk into the dealership and drive out with your new bike within a few minutes even. Best will be to give the dealership a halfday notice because then they can get the...
  20. Yahmy

    Where did everybody go?

    I hear you REM and I feel pitty on you, but what the heck... my work is a day behind but my smile is big. Only live once you know! Get that bike and use it!