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  1. Jer2675

    2015 ES For Sale - SOLD

    Thanks for the inquiries and comments on the bike, was bittersweet seeing it go.
  2. Jer2675

    2015 ES For Sale - SOLD

    The time has come for me to put the Super T up for sale. I had plans for this bike, but they never panned out. So now this low mileage bike is up for grabs and when I say low miles I'm talking less than 1k on the odo... only 623 miles! I'm asking $9800 for the bike and all accessories. Bike...
  3. Jer2675

    2014 Cruise Control Light

    Thanks for the heads up on the threads... I'll dig into them this afternoon.
  4. Jer2675

    2014 Cruise Control Light

    Sorry for the poor explanation, You are correct the Set light goes green it's the amber light that flashes when the cruise is disengaged. In the manual, it says that if this is happening then you need to bring it to a Yamaha dealer to get it looked at. I was just wondering if anyone else had...
  5. Jer2675

    2014 Cruise Control Light

    Has anyone ever seen or know why the cruise control light would start blinking? When you 1st fire up the bike and turn it on the light turns a solid amber. Once you tap on the breaks or pull the clutch in the light starts blinking with the amber color. This is happening on my dad's 2014. On my...
  6. Jer2675

    WTB Highway Pegs for Use With Givi Crash Bars (Long Legs)

    What pegs are you using with those brackets?
  7. Jer2675

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Between yard work and honey do's for the wife. I snuck some time in and mounted my new custom powder coated Rumbux protection system! Thanks to Eric Vaillancourt with Eval Innovations for going the extra mile and getting the color matched! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Jer2675

    KTM 1190

    I've owned both and would say the reliability of the Super Tenere far outshines anything the 1190 has to offer. Plus the 1190 put off so much heat it was uncomfortable to ride unless it was cold outside. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Jer2675

    SOLD FS Touratech right heel protection $15 shipped SOLD

    Re: FS Touratech right heel protection $15 shipped PM sent for next in line.
  10. Jer2675

    New Tenere owner

    Welcome... Cheers to many safe miles! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Jer2675

    Seat Feedback

    You'll get a lot of different opinions on the pre fab seats. If you really want a seat that's built for your behind it'll cost you some extra $$$. I had a Russel Day Long on my 2012 and loved it. It was worth every penny I paid for it and I'll be getting another on my 2015. My dad's running a...
  12. Jer2675

    Opinion on deal for a 13 vs a new 15 ST

    If you're interested in a new bike and willing to fly/ride or drive in and haul back (like I did) there is a dealer in Shawnee Oklahoma who has 2 new 2015 ES's (one still in a crate) and he's asking 13.2K out the door. None of that shipping or freight or inventory tax or what ever else some...
  13. Jer2675

    Puig Tourning Windscreen on S10 2014+ for Tall Riders 6'3" ??

    Where did you order your windscreen from?
  14. Jer2675

    Heli Bars wants a Tenere

    Will you need to extend the lines with the heli risers for gen 2?
  15. Jer2675

    Returning to the Super T

    I'm leaning towards the Alt Rider bars and the RideOnADV skid plate or going with the Rumbux protection system. With that Puig wind screen do you still get some airflow? Here in Houston it's down right miserable some afternoons and no airflow at all would be brutal. I'm not even sure if it's...
  16. Jer2675

    Returning to the Super T

    Lol... thanks for the welcome and the heads up on it being the slow one. Now I have a real reason to ride in the back of the pack ;D
  17. Jer2675

    Returning to the Super T

    Heck yah... those rides sound like a blast! Once I get her setup with some protection I would love to go check out the routes you've got mapped out! Where did you order your Rumbux protection system from? I like the idea of an all in one type system and I like the bar that wraps around the...
  18. Jer2675

    Returning to the Super T

    Definitely... My Dad's up in Athol, ID and he's been itching to hit this ride up for a while now.
  19. Jer2675

    Super T Owner in Lompoc, CA

    ::004:: looking forward to seeing some pics of the Pacific!
  20. Jer2675

    New guy

    ::004:: I'm kind of new here myself, had a 2012 for a while and now have a 2015. From what I've seen the community here is very active and very helpful.