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  1. spam16v

    Will you take the vaccine

    I’ve been having 20x more people around me die of “suddenly” than the vid ever did. Co-worker, driveway, face down, closed casket bad impact on driveway, 36 yr old hockey player.
  2. spam16v

    MAY 5, 2023 IS the next Romney Camp N Ride!

    I was at all of the publicly advertised ones, did Alain’s school with xplor & plenty of group rides. I was super bummed it was retired. 10/10 I’m in if it happens again.
  3. spam16v

    Cheating on traffic cameras

    A wet napkin got stuck to my lic plate once in Canada accidentally… on the 405(?) that big toll road. Make sure it’s clear by the time you hit the border though…
  4. spam16v

    Wtb aftermarket shock

    Posted public record on ADV rider for fellow victims to contact authorities and got banned… lovely. White knights to the rescue protecting thieves and liars.
  5. spam16v

    Wtb aftermarket shock

    Lot of hope in one hand & you know the cliche… have been trying to get ahold of him since I sent my shock in March including having locals scope out his shop without success. little did I know…
  6. spam16v

    Wtb aftermarket shock

    I’m a victim of Konflict Motorsports, Alex Martens stole my Penske shock. I have my stock shock, but want to be back where I was again. Anyone have something available? Thanks -Zac
  7. spam16v

    Are you in need of any custom fabrication ?

    I welded a big flat piece on the bottom so it doesn’t sink in & then powder coated it black.
  8. spam16v

    Let's see your highway pegs.
  9. spam16v

    Romney Camp N Ride - Retired

    Sounds like a breakdown in supply
  10. spam16v

    What riding schools have some of you attended?

    I pitched my bike across the wet field... that was me.
  11. spam16v

    Waterproof gloves

    Aerostich Elskin ropers in warm weather, competition ropers in cold weather and Aerostich covers in wet weather. All membranes fail, gloves are tough to keep sealed. I use treatment on the gloves when I wash them so they’re resistant to an extent. Chasing $200 waterproof gloves is fruitless.
  12. spam16v

    Problem fitting Madstad bracket :(

    Loosen the screws into the OEM bracket and get all the screws in first before tightening
  13. spam16v

    What riding schools have some of you attended?

    Taught MSF’s BRC (basic rider course) for 4 years, took the ARC (advanced rider course) twice to help new ARC coaches learn to teach it and took Alain’s off road course with Xplor at the Romney GTG a few years back.
  14. spam16v

    Weapons - What you have (NOT a political discussion)

    Just went through all the local hoops in NY after not carrying in a decade since I left CT. Ordered a Glock 43x, 2 extra mags, 40 rounds of Gold Dots and 250 of FMJ to acclimate & a Stealth Gear AWIB holster. Pics in a few weeks hopefully.
  15. spam16v

    FS: GIVI Rapid Release side racks

  16. spam16v

    FS: GIVI Rapid Release side racks

    Email & text (disregard, landline) sent.
  17. spam16v

    Let's see your highway pegs.

    Split collar, chunk of scrap steel and $15 eBay folding pegs clamped onto altrider crash bars.
  18. spam16v

    Mitas E-07 Resurrection/Availability

    You can call directly... I continue to give them my business for their continued support of the sport.
  19. spam16v

    The new Mitas E07 Adventure tire (tyre)

    Loved the MT43’s on my 2T KTM’s.
  20. spam16v

    FS: GIVI Rapid Release side racks

    Set of rapid release racks. Going to need pyramids and spools if you’re using GIVI bags, they’re available separately if necessary. I used Pelican cases. $old shipped conus.