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  1. Rustykfd

    UTBDR Lockhart Basin on 3- Super Teneres.......Video

    Just back from our UTBDR trip. WARNING.....the recent storm activity (end of September 2014) has really messed up Lockhart Basin, it looks nothing like the videos/photos you will find online. We holed 2 oil pans and repaired them on the trail (SW Motech skid plates suck!!!!) Rumbux survived...
  2. Rustykfd

    WTF dealership moment

    At my local Yamaha dealership, talking to the service manager/ main mechanic about my leaky fork seals, I decided to ask him what he thought about the difference between the color of my exhaust headers. His reply and I quote "The back cylinder always runs hotter, not as much airflow as the...
  3. Rustykfd

    Left factory hand guard

    WTB Hand Guard left side or pair... Rusty
  4. Rustykfd

    Fuel cells

    I am experimenting with fuel cells for the Tenere. I am on my second version, a flatbed vs. My first which was a top fill racing cell. Photos attached. Racing cell is advertised at 5 gallons, but holds a bit over 4 if you really try. Flatbed cell should be a touch over 5 gallons and sits a...
  5. Rustykfd

    Another new guy

    Hey all, my name is Rusty. I totaled my 1150GS a week ago when I hit a deer at 55 and took a spill. The Tenere is on the top of my list right now. But I wish I were more comfortable with my decision...... I love to hit the dirt, and I am an Iron Butt guy. I will be riding the 2013 IBR. How...
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