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  1. bimota

    removal of centre stand

    Hi guys, need ro remove my centre stand for powder coating, anybody done, is just put on side stand a couple of bolts and spring puller, any help would be great rob
  2. bimota

    Givi panier frame repainting (HELP)

    Hi guys, i have a givi pannier rack been on bike 3-4 years getting a bit rusty, don,t want to powder coat it going to take it off sand a couple of areas down and re paint by can, can you guys that know give me some ideas about what to use, once sanded can i just prime coat and black matt coat...
  3. bimota

    LAKE PLANSEE last week

    few pictures
  4. bimota

    HELP can,t find part no. DECAL

    Hi guys, looked on yamaha parts list for this decal its the red/white SUPER TENERE decal on both sides of the fairing , in my picture put cowling in and the arrow is pointing at the decal and saying no. 72 but on the drop down no 72 any help trying to fin what they cost.
  5. bimota

    Anybody seen this footpeg for sale with rubber pad on.

    hi guys, this footpeg is fitted to a vario adjustable bracket, looking for the peg its a seperate item probably china, can get pegs similar but the rubber pad fitted is good.
  6. bimota

    Anybody using rear lower pegs for passengers.

    Hi guys, want to get a set of rear lower pegs for the wife like these anybody using these above or recomendations please cheers rob
  7. bimota

    GIVI pl cam rack for outback trekker panniers

    Hi guys, i have had the cam rack on my xt for about 4 yrs in the UK corrosion got at it so time to take off and get powder coated can i ask has any body taken that top cam section off and put back on, just woundering its only 2 bolts i think but worried about putting back on after the frames...
  8. bimota

    These came up on facebook today anybody got one

    facebook today from brazil i live in UK 35 euro posted looks great anybody on here have one i just don,t want to waste money if i don,t get it cheers rob
  9. bimota

    Is there going to be a UK meet this year anybody thought about it.

    Hi , Anybody doing a weekend meet up somewhere in the uk this year would be great to see the bikes and members. rob
  10. bimota

    A PAIR of wheels on ebay Australia

    in case your looking rob
  11. bimota


    Hi guys, seen two part numbers are they the same 2BS-12210-00 And 2BS-12210-01 is there any difference between these two numbers cheers rob
  12. bimota

    plastic fairing rivet 90269-06008

    hi guys, keep loosing these rivets top panel either side of take has 2 each panel inside by forks, not got bike to hand can any body help with are these rivets 6mm if so i,ll buy universal ones of ebay, not sure if there 6mm or 8mm cheers rob
  13. bimota

    CCT replacement manual or auto (yamaha)

    Hi guys, just after 26000 miles going to do the valce clearance service and i know through here people recommend while its open change the CCT, i have a 2013 gen 1 bike. So my mechanic who is a really good tech said lets put a manual one in uesed the APE ones from the USA on R1'S and there...
  14. bimota

    Happy Xmas

    Just to wish all you guys on here a happy xmas, thanks for all the help i,ve had from you guys this year and all ride safe in 2019 all the best Rob UK
  15. bimota

    NEW wheel rims and spokes for sale UK ebay.

    Nothing to do with me but spotted these on ebay UK today. rob
  16. bimota

    TECHSPEC gripster 62-4012-SS

    Hi guys, used this stuff as tank protector before ktm rc8, good stuff. Now i have a xt1200 tenere on there site they have 2 items, 62-4004-ss this is to big for me amyway but will not cover the painted bottom of tank. now the 62-4012-ss looks like its made to cover the painted section of the...
  17. bimota

    Need to change standard SHOCK

    Hi guys, got a 2013 gen 1 world crosser i have my holidays 2 up on the tenere with luggage, now i,m 110kg with gear on my wife is 77kg with gear on plus the luggage. standard shock is quite bad back end in hard sits down so goig to replace the rear shock, in the UK there are...
  18. bimota

    Shock adjusting help please

    Hi guys, Need a bit of help with rear shock absorber, i do a lot of 2 up riding with passenger and luggage as well, never played with rear shock just loaded got wife on and off on trips, the other day i had to give a mate a ride home after we dropped his bike off for maintance. I could feel...
  19. bimota

    Help finding part number for electric lead

    Hi guys, can anybody point me to a part number for a poer cable. Now the starter relay thats part number 4yr-81940-02 between the 2 30amp fuses has a lead with plastic plug that has 3 cables in it, thick red one and 2 smaller leads. I need to replace it, am i right in thinking this lead is...
  20. bimota

    Add picture trying

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