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    2013 SUPER TENERE FOR SALE $4500

    Fire sale
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    OK. First Post.

    Braaap welcome
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Mounted a Zumo XT2 to a Toutatech adjustable windscreen bracket. Really nice setup. I am a GPS rookie and was a bit worried about the tech end but I am pleasantly suprised at the Tread App, very easy to use and create routes.
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    Homemade Nav Bar

    Nice job. I was kicking the same idea around and possibly printing a bracket attached as you’ve done. Then I wimped out and bought the Touratech bracket.
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    Madstad bracket & windshield for the Tenere

    did you get the bracket without a shield? madstadt told me that it’s a package deal. I don’t need a shield only the bracket.
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    Show Us Your Panniers

    Looks great prob get the same but maybe 40L, just need to hold one helmet and misc small items
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    Show Us Your Panniers

    Givi side cases, will be looking for a top case and probably stay with Givi.
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    SKF fork seals

    SKF makes great products. Been an engineer there for 27 years!
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    New Member from the Netherlands

    Welcome Danny, from Michigan, USA
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    SOLD 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere, Arizona, $5000

    Real nice bike!
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    (Sold) 2014 Super Tenere For Sale

    Fine looking bike there! GLWS
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    Givi Skid Plate?

    these pegs are the rear OE pegs. I never have a passenger, so I repurposed them.
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    Might have to sell, tingling hands.

    Same issue here. Added bar risers and throttle lock and keep telling myself to loosen up. Seems to have helped. Wish you well sorting it out.
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    3 days with my new Super Tenere 2014 non ES

    Always dreamed of an RT but didn’t want to spend double and concerned about the ergonomics with a 34” inseam. Thought my knees would be cramped and with the high seat position on the S10, it just fit me well. So better ergo, cheaper and I am able to service it so big win! Honey, “can I buy my...
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    3 days with my new Super Tenere 2014 non ES

    Can you give us some comparisons to the RT? Likes and dislikes
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    *SOLD* 2012 super tenere for sale Laurel MD $5800

    Low miles, priced to sell. GLWS