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    Suzuki T500

    Hi folks. I'm after some wisdom please. Got my T500 out today. Started first kick but wouldn't engage gear (1st or 2nd). Any ideas what it could be? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Guzzi V85 test ride

    So I went on a date with a young Italian thing this morning. The S10 didn't mind coz the S10 still wins hands down for the kind of riding I do... BUT..the Guzzi is one of the best looking bikes I've seen for a long time. Really, really pretty. Super smooth gearbox/clutch, nice sound, good...
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    Bar End Weights

    Hi Folks. Lost one of my bar end weights on the commute home tonight. No idea where it fell off so there's no chance of finding it. A quick google shows that a new one plus bolt and collar is about £39 in uk. That seems pricey to me but I guess I have no choice. Are there any aftermarket ones...
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    Motorcycle camcorders UK

    Dear all. Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I'm thinking of getting a camcorder for the bike purely for the time when someone hits me! I'm not planning on making movies. Several shops I've been into seem to recommend the Drift GhostX. Whilst I'm not totally averse to spending...
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    Merry Christmas from UK

    Merry Christmas everyone. I'm constantly in awe of all the S10 knowledge you guys have and Im constantly jealous of some of the environments you have to ride in (especially in USA). Just wet and cold all the time in UK! BUT..none of that matters. Touch wood I have my health and ride every day...
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    ECU + ignition barrel/imobiliser

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think we are all agreed that the ignition barrel cannot be seperated from the imobiliser (the black item that piggybacks the ignition barrel. I think I'm also correct in saying that the imobiliser and ECU are paired, meaning that if one tried to connect someone...
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    Givi PL2119 without rear seat/grab handles

    Hi folks. I think I already know the answer to this but confirmation would be fab. Am I correct in thinking the Givi PL2119 pannier racks only work WITH the passenger grab handles? I like to use my bike without rear seat and without passenger grab handles to get a lower and level storage space...
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    Cold hip/S10 aerodynamics?

    OK. Strange question but I'm curious if anyone else notices this. I've done lots of miles over the years and well over 100,000 miles on an S10 and every winter in the uk I notice my right hip getting cold. Left hip is fine. I used to notice it on my old ST1300 as well but not as much. I wonder...
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    Abu Dhabi riding

    Dear all. I might be in Abu Dhabi for a few days in late November and would LOVE to go for a ride in the desert. Does anyone know if there are any guided ride outs including bike hire/kit?? I've googled it and didn't get much luck. One guy (Pavel?) got rave reviews for his tours but all the...
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    Suzuki T500 Titan

    Hi folks. I recently bought a Suzuki T500 1972 model (mid life crisis and I loved the colour). is the question. The airbox to carb rubber has gone hard and doesn't fit properly. I'm thinking about putting a couple of these on (see the link). One guy I chatted too thought it was a bad...
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    REZO Brake Discs

    Hi folks. I'm still trying to source some 'reasonably priced' front brake discs. These REZO ones seem a fair price and are in UK. Just wondering if any of you have tried them??
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    Lone Rider by Elspeth Beard

    Just wanted to share this in case any of you are feeling bored on these winter nights. I'm currently reading 'Lone Rider' by Elspeth Beard. She is a british lady that rode around the world years ago. It's a good read.
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    Power CommanderV and Dynojet Optimizer for sale UK

    Dear all. I've got my Power CommanderV and Dynojet Optimizer for sale. See the link here:
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    suspension bizzare question

    Strange question and i wont bore you with why BUT...if I buy a 2nd generation S10 (with electronic suspension)..could i take out the forks and rear shock and replace them with the forks and shock from my 1st generation bike?? I'm guessing that the ECU might wonder where the electronic suspension...
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    Centre Stand

    Hi folks. Can anyone tell me if the centre stand on a 1st generation bike will fit on a 2nd generation bike? Thanks in advance for your help
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    Front discs

    Hi folks. It's time to change my front discs. It seems that S10 discs are considerably more expensive than, for example R1 discs. (More aftermarket choices for R1 etc). Do any of you know if there is a bike (R1?) that uses the same size discs as on a 2011 S10? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Is this the correct MCCT??

    Hi folks. Look at this on eBay Hope you can help. The seller of this item isn't sure if it is the correct one for an XT1200Z 2011 model. It is an APE YTR01-9 What do you guys think? Thanks for any advice.
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    Ignition barrel/Immobiliser and ECU

    Dear all. Hoping for some advice. Long story so take a seat!! To shorten it a bit I'll just say that about 3 years ago the wiring that exits from the ignition barrel on my bike got damaged. My brother kindly soldered the yellow/blue wire because that one was actually severed. Recently his...
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    Help...wont start!

    Dear all. My 2011 wont start. Fuel pump isn't priming and sometimes even the starter button isn't turning the engine over. I use the bike every day and Im desperate to get back on the road so any advice is greatfuly received. Thanks
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    Rear disc Cover/Plate

    Hi folks. Not sure what it is called but that Rear Disc cover/plate thingy has been warped on my bike for a while and now it is cracked. My question is would I be able to remove it and ride temporarily whilst I wait for a new one? Thanks for any advice. Photo should be attached.
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