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  1. dmulk

    Brand New Flaming Phoenix Heated Gloves

    Olympia WeatherKing Gore-Tex Lined Leather Gloves Customized with Carbon Fiber Heating. Marked LARGE MSRP $200 I won these in a recent raffle. They don't fit me (I wear XL). Anyway, these are brand new. $180 shipped CONUS L in Chula Vista, Ca
  2. dmulk

    Just performed my first "Oil Flush" on my 2014 ES!

    Since the bike has been sitting for the better part of a year (since my last big mile 3 week summer trip last year) and I have a multi-thousand mile trip coming up in a couple weeks (that I may turn into a B2B/BBG IBA ride) I figured I would get this done so I don't feel rushed and can take my...
  3. dmulk

    SOLD Sena 20s $175 ea shipped

    I have *2* complete Sena 20s units that are about a year or so old. Both of these Sena's have been updated to the newest 2.0 FW, work well and still have a solid 10+ hours of battery run time. I'll try and get some photos up tonight. They are located in Chula Vista, Ca. Most of my group have...
  4. dmulk

    Nice Black and Tan at Pio Pico Store off HWY 94

    Saw ya as I rolled by, turned around and snapped this. Girlfriend was like "what the heck are you doing?" "priorities..." Wished I was out riding. Cheers!
  5. dmulk

    WTB/WTT: Seat Concepts Standard or Tall for Seat Concepts "Low"

    My brother's bike came with a lowered Seat Concepts seat. The PO was on the shorter side. My bother is 6'3" and could use a regular or taller version seat. He would like either a straight trade or to buy one outright. Open to other seat designs also... Thanks, <D>
  6. dmulk

    WeSTOC 24 - Calgary, Alberta - 6/24/19 - 6/27/19

    Hey all, Posting this up here as I'm hoping some of you might attend this year. There were a handful of us last year that attended in Baker City, Oregon. This event moves around the Western States and Provinces and is now in it's 24th year. It is gauranteed a good time. Hope...
  7. dmulk

    Waterpump weep hole leak normal?

    Hey all, My brother just got a 2012 a few months ago. When looking it over i spotted a bit of what appeared to be "residue" around the tip of the hose that leads to the weep hole for the water pump. There was also a little bit of residue on the skid plate where the hose rests. When i got home...
  8. dmulk

    Rigid Hyperspot and two D2 Driving Lights wired to a Lighted Switch and High Beams!

    After a couple, few hundred mile, test rides, I am finally happy with the mounting and operation of my touring lights. About 10 years ago after getting caught out after dark on the 395 north of Reno with tons of deer...I swore that I would never ride without aux lights that could burn the deer...
  9. dmulk

    ALTRider rear luggage rack and Giant Loop Possibles Pouch Mod

    Did this the other day....couldn't find a spacer that was a good fit at the local hardware places so went quick and dirty. Longer bolts, nuts and washers. Seems rock solid....GL Pouch fits perfectly.
  10. dmulk

    SoCal (San Diego Area) RTE/Meetup?

    Hey all, I was chatting with tntmo over on another thread and the idea of a San Diego S10 meetup/RTE came up. I'm available most weekends (barring a work emergency). San Diego is a big area (if you include all the eastern areas). I was thinking it might be nice to do a loop up to Julian for pie...
  11. dmulk

    San Diego Area I805NB and I805SB most week days....(Black S10 "Twisted"?)

    I've always wondered who you are? I've seen you split traffic near me as we seem to share the same commute times (I'm usually in a white Prius with a radar detector in my window). You have a top box with I think "Twisted" in white letters on the back of it. No side cases. A while ago I saw you...
  12. dmulk

    Really digging my new Giantloop Fandango Pro (2018) Tankbag and Pannier Pockets!

    It's like they were made for the Super Tenere! Total of 12 Liters of smartly designed storage. Tank bag unzips from the left side. You can partially unzip it and swing it to access the filler neck to the tank during a fuel stop. Nice!
  13. dmulk

    3 x Motocomm helmet communication Kenwood OF5 kits

    Spring cleaning in fall...I have 2 brand new motocomm Kenwood radio setups with both the mini and full size PTT buttons (4 total). I also have a ThumperPhone Pro kit for connecting your phone. These 3 kits are all new and unused. It looks like the two Kenwood kits go for $30 each and the...
  14. dmulk

    SOLD: Eureka Zeus Exo 2 Person Tent

    This is a great tent. Since this is a single wall tent, it packs very small. I took it on my WR250R on my CDT trip a couple years ago and only ended up using it once. I was a dumbass and sliced a small hole in the wall of the tent while removing a peg. It was about the size of a quarter. I...
  15. dmulk

    FOUND GEN 1 (2012-2013) Super Tenere

    I own a 2014 ES that I purchased from a guy in Texas on this forum a few years ago. I'm looking for a GEN 1 in, good condition, preferably in Blue to purchase as a surprise gift for my younger brother in an attempt to "jump start" his passion for riding again. It's something we've enjoyed doing...
  16. dmulk

    Misc super tenere items

    Have the following things that I figured I'd offer up here: New front and rear OEM seat foam and covers - $50 +actual shipping Rear ES shock spring ( pulled off 2014ES with 20k miles) - $25+actual shipping SOLD----OEM Top Box Liner (appears new with all straps) - $35+actual shipping OEM Rear...
  17. dmulk

    Almost new Aerostich Darien Jacket (1 on-road ride)

    Purchased this new in November of last year and used it for one ride. Needed a different size. This thing isn't even broken in (same stiffness as new off the self..) Includes shoulders and elbow armor. It's a Standard Size 44 but is marked custom because I had the extra Darien liner zipper...
  18. dmulk

    SOLD!: Alt-Rider Rear Seat Rack (BLACK)

    This is for ONLY the rear seat rack (in BLACK) with the mounting hardware. I purchased this as a set and have no need for the rear seat rack. Will post pics if needed but no scratches etc. Save yourself $30 over new... $130 shipped CONUS. Cheers! Dan
  19. dmulk

    SOLD! Luggage Boxes and Top Box with 2 sets of Mounting hardware and more

    I've replaced my OEM boxes (bought my bike from another member here last year) with soft luggage. So... For sale: OEM BLACK Luggage Boxes and Top Box with 2 sets of Mounting hardware and separate sets of keys (apparently the previous owner's locks fell out and the dealer replaced them). The...
  20. dmulk

    FOR SALE: Yamaha Tank Bag Like New Condition

    Just picked up my Super T this weekend and it came with some extras I don't need or plan to replace. First up, the Yamaha Tank Bag. Like new condition (I used in on the ride back though). Raincover still in wrapper and doesn't look used. Asking $135 PAYPAL shipped CONUS. Cheers, <D>
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