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    Fellas we bought the wrong bikes for ADV travel....

    so where does the rider sit?
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    2016 ST ES with less than 400 miles. Lower Price $12,000

    as we grow older we all face the possibility of not being able to ride because health …… hope yours improves ….... don't stress over selling bike , that's not what important , you getting better is.
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    I know I don't need to tell you guys this but stay off the damn phone while driving. Watched a guy nearly get killed this morning

    you are correct ericv…. at least drinkers try to pay attention , sad as that is (don't want to get busted ) . but a txter ,well they are just stupid and with out excuse....when they start putting people in jail for txting like they do drinkers it might change a few minds . you just get a ticket...
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    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    dog days of summer have arrived.
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    I know I don't need to tell you guys this but stay off the damn phone while driving. Watched a guy nearly get killed this morning

    as a professional driver sitting high up in the cab of a class 8 truck I see everything , it is bad out there. I know I can not txt and drive , a quick phone call is bad enough . txting takes your focus away from whats around your vehicle , its always bad.... every day lots of rear ender...
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    Stumbled across this video, I have to ride it !

    im looking at the calender , and fingers crossed that I might get to go in mid September (or late September) , should know with some clarity by august 1 .
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    removal of centre stand

    you can use zip ties as a spring puller....
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    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    the HP is kinda a rare bird I think. very cool.
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    2017 Farkled in Illusion Shocker

    AWESOME ! no doubt about it.....
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    Which route would you take?

    modular helmet allows quick access to water …… assume your military , thank you for your service , im just south of weird.
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    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    good morning , weather and honey do's , and in july weather is about heat..... honey do's are negotiable ….. so if you want to ride you are going to sweat . the X has a headlight and have been thinking of a night trail ride at some point …… need more day practice first . any one trail ride at...
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    Oil Leak from the Final Drive.

    who uses film these days ?
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    DL650 to Tenere

    dl650 not always frugal on gas.... my buddy on our trip to ft. davis texas got about 29 mpg trying to run the speed limit in the face of a cold front.... speed limit I-10 west is 85 and 30 to 50 mph head winds sucked the mpg's right out of the bike …. my tenere never got worse than 38 mpg (he...
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    2018 R1200GSA back to Super Tenere

    shumba, it should last you till you don't want to ride anymore.
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    S10s in the Iron Butt Rally!

    ericv, great write up …….
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    S10s in the Iron Butt Rally!

    question , has anyone figured the amount of money it takes to participate in the iron butt rally ?
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    Out of the shadows

    flat lander , just to be sure , your keeping the wife along time correct......
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    Out of the shadows

    protour15 welcome , I own a 2012 bought new and it has been a great bike , and my bike has never been in a garage …… it lives outside with the wild beast.... ive replaced the battery twice , do all my own oil changes etc. let mother nature give it a bath as I never wash it myself.... it is solid...
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    removing both tires on my super tenere at once

    should not be a problem .
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    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

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