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  1. low drag

    Uwharrie NF?

    Being new to North Carolina I'm not sure what the weather is like in late Jan / early Feb. Is anyone up to meeting up near Uwharrie National Forest and check out some of the trails? My riding in Colorado was typically riding pavement from the Denver area to the 4WD trails an hour or more west...
  2. low drag

    New to North Carolina

    I'm looking for anyone that rides in North Carolina or southern Virginia. I've just relocated from the Denver, CO area and did a good deal of riding in Colorado, getting off the pavement as much as I could including doing the COBDR. I'm in Durham, NC now. The mountains in western NC look like...
  3. low drag

    YES Warrenty - Some Kudos for Coyote Motorsports

    I picked up a used 2012 S10 back in 2013, the original owner purchased YES for 5 years. Lucky me. Anyway, a riding buddy pointed out I have the old time chain tensioner rattle last fall. Thankfully he reminded me to get it looked at. My local dealer, Coyote Motorsports Denver took care of me...
  4. low drag

    Denver Area - Goldend Gate ride Feb 20th?

    I know it's short notice but does anyone in the Denver area want to hit a quick right in the Golden Gate Canyon State Park area? Temps look nice for Saturday. I'm thinking mid to late morning and finished mid afternoon to ensure we get all the nice weather / temps we can. Later
  5. low drag

    Denver Usual Suspects COBDR Aug 2015 rpt

    COBDR run down, from the 1st week of August. ColoradoKLR & 14er met up in Morrison and headed out, it was nice ride on Saturday to Dolores. This is the first time I’ve been on a loaded bike. I actually didn’t notice the added weight at all except a little loss in power when going up steep...
  6. low drag

    Off Route Adventures Course Review

    I took an Adv course at Off Route Adventures in Fort Collins, CO. I figured the group would like to hear how it went. If you’re pressed for time here’s the take away. The course is worth your time & money, if you’re fairly new to adv riding (read back roads and...
  7. low drag

    Increased MPG in Sport Mode with Uni Filters?

    While coming home a week ago from a riding class I decided to put the bike in sport mode. I don't know what prompted me to do this, I guess for the heck of it. I was surprised to note my MPG went up, way up when running down interstate 25 at 75 mph. I found this counter intuitive. In SPORT...
  8. low drag

    Shinko 705 run down

    Since I’ve used this forum so often to learn I’ll try to add to the gene pool…. I installed a set of Shinko 705s 2 weeks ago yesterday and have about 800 miles on them now, they replaced a set of K60s. Background for riding style etc: I have been riding motorcycles for 2 years and 7 days...
  9. low drag

    The Ususal Suspects At It Again - Denver Area Ride 4/25/15

    Hey gents, 14er is ready to roll for this weekend. I"m sure he's looking at a map as I type this.... Here's what he sent me in an email when I mentioned it looks like rain: "Yeah semi typical summer day nice in the morning, rain in the afternoon. No big deal. I'm still thinking the...
  10. low drag

    Denver Area Saturday Nov 1st Ride?

    Is anyone up for a quick ride to the Kenosha Pass area? I'm thinking of hitting some of those easy trails just before the pass and over to Jefferson. If there's time hit the south side of Jefferson. Heck riding Nov 1st will be fun given it's so late. I'm sure it'll be chilly so lets do lunch...
  11. low drag

    Denver Area Oct 18th

    Hey guys anyone up for a ride? We can try to hit some trails near Jefferson or Wellington Lake area. I figure there's not much trail time left for the year. If trails are a no-go we can do the ride 14er posted for last weekend.
  12. low drag

    Denver Area - Last minute ride Aug 31?

    My camping trip fell apart for the weekend soooo......... I was thinking of heading out tomorrow for a quick ride into the front range/mountain. Nothing crazy, mostly pavement. Maybe a gravel road depending upon where I/we go. I could go up 285 past Jefferson and maybe over to Brek. OR...
  13. low drag

    Denver Area Ride Aug 9th?

    Anyone interested in a ride west of Denver? I've wanted to get back out to the area of Kenosha pass & Jefferson for a while now. I have a couple of requests: If I get banged up at least hook up a tow strap to me and drag me out to a main road. I like to keep both wheels on the ground, so I...
  14. low drag

    Hello from Colorado

    I'm Mark, I just picked up my new to me 2012 S10. I took it over 4K miles on the test drive. This thing came with nearly everything I'd want to add to her already installed! I just got back from my first weekend ride on a bunch of twistys in the Front Range just west and south of Denver. I...
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