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  1. Panman

    Banjo and bleed nipple sizes

    I have the speed bleeder numbers if your interested.
  2. Panman

    WTB: Metal Lathe -please read-

    Already gone, don't really have the space anyhow. :(
  3. Panman

    WTB: Metal Lathe -please read-

    Your probably not the only person wanting the right Lathe. I'd like this one.
  4. Panman

    Quietest Muffler With Header Swap

    My 14 has a header brand I don't know bike was bought 2nd hand. It had a Yosh muffler that I sold right away as was way loud to me and went with the stock muffler. It is a bit louder than stock, runs pretty good with the 2wheeldynoworks tune but seams a bit twitchy low speed.
  5. Panman

    First Timer's Question - ABS Flush On 2017 S10

    Go find a dirt road and cycle the pump by applying the brakes separately before and after you bleed. Good practice skills at trusting the ABS system. Has worked well on my 07 FJR with a 125,000 miles and my 2014 S-10 with 65,000. I do the dirt road thing a couple of time a year on both bikes...
  6. Panman

    Final drive crush washer

    # 36
  7. Panman

    Alt Rider Super Tenere Upper Crash bars

    I believe that they are powder coated SS. You can always have them done your self.
  8. Panman

    Hello, Monroe Wa

    Welcome from Stanwood WA.
  9. Panman

    Hello from Central Washington!

    Welcome from Stanwood, WA.
  10. Panman

    Hello from Washington's Olympic Peninsula!

    Welcome from Stanwood, WA.
  11. Panman

    Hello from South Puget Sound!

    Welcome from Stanwood WA.
  12. Panman

    Sheduled plug change at low mileage??

    That being said what is better than stock?
  13. Panman

    Sheduled plug change at low mileage??

    I can run plugs in my FJR for 30,000 miles, my Ten really seems to eat the plugs faster. At about 10,000 it doesn't start as easy as with fresh plugs. Not sure why??
  14. Panman

    Ohio to Alaska

    We didn't make Deadhorse as it was 31 degrees, snowing with a wind-chill factor of 19 degrees there. Our though was to ride to the Artic Circle take our picture at the sign and turn around and go back to Fairbanks. Well we ran into this lady who said you should go stay up past Coldfoot at the...
  15. Panman

    Ohio to Alaska

    Dawson Creek is a good size place should be no problem, Fort St John should be no problem, Ft Nelson should be ok, Watson Lk we had to sleep on the ground our first trip up, Whitehorse is good size should be OK. If your doing the Top of the World Dawson City should have room Fairbanks would most...
  16. Panman

    New member from CA

    Greeting from the PN WET.
  17. Panman

    New Member - AZ

    Welcome to the forum Marty, better check in once in awhile over on the FJR forum as Wheattie will need someone to pick on. You got some good miles with George, Doug and Don last week, hope the Ten fits the bill for you.
  18. Panman

    2023 Northern Ca to Canada

    This will wet your lips.
  19. Panman

    New member, south sound, W WA

    The Ten is a great all around utility bike. Sounds a bit like a tractor and keeps plugging along like one. Glad I have mine, we done some big miles together!