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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    I never got to ride an RZ350 (not for a lack of wanting to, or looking for a decent example of one!). I did however, own this variant for a few years (same motor without the power valve):
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    I watched this one again on my last flight home a few weeks back...I had been resisting since it turned from a satire to a documentary...
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    Will you take the vaccine

    I wound up getting a booster yesterday, since I just saw my first (potential) request from a client. For those following along, I got the J&J one shot back in March and I'm pretty sure I got COVID at the end of June. My booster shot was the Moderna one, and the only issue I have so far is...
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    The anything thread.

    I got started riding with an ATC 90 when I was 14. My brother and I bugged our dad until he bought us one off of his old firefighter buddies that didn’t go anymore. Learning how to run the dunes on such an underpowered, nonsuspension vehicle has served me well to this day…
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    The anything thread.

    Reminds of the behind the scenes footage in the old Super Speedway DVD.
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    Hello from So. NV. Waiting…

    Welcome from another Southern Nevadan! If you need any help with the forum, just let us moderators know. The Tenere is a great bike for the desert southwest!
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    I feel like a Tenere archeologist.

    That is a Waspworks windshield bracket. No longer in production, but a highly effective modification. And welcome!
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    Will you take the vaccine

    I've seen data like this before as well, and one thing that has yet to be studied (or information released) is about those that were vaccinated and had a break through infection, as I believe I did. Most likely I will wind up with a booster, since many of my clients, or their clients are...
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    Weapons - What you have (NOT a political discussion)

    I always wanted to rewrite the lyrics to Pearl Jam's "Betterman" to "Leatherman" I have been carrying one throughout my entire AV career (28 years now), and along with a good flashlight and my test monitor, are the three most essential tools I own, and would be the first ones replaced. I also...
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    Will you take the vaccine

    I really only have one lingering question: how much protection does recovering from COVID provide? I also see that the FDA is looking at the mix and match approach, which has the most interest for me.
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    The anything thread.

    The pinnacle of OCD!
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    Super Tenere (Gen 2) Electrical Upgrades

    Are you referring to the Eastern Beaver harness and fuse block, or the simple splitter cable for the factory fog light connector? If you just use the splitter cable, the factory fuse is 20 amps as I recall, so as long as you don't exceed that as your total draw, you would be good to go. Of...
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    Will you take the vaccine

    CW already mentioned it, but discussions about the cultural, political or religious reasons why people do or do not get the vaccine will be moderated. @WJBertrand asked about breakthrough infections, and that they mostly seemed to occur in those with the Pfizer vaccine. I guess that would make...
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    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    California lane splitting is why I have a motorcycle endorsement. I split on my first FJR everyday, with the side cases, and when I would travel back to California on the Tenere, I would split with my cases on as well. For how generally piss-poor everyone's driving skills are these days...
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    Will you take the vaccine

    There are a lot of unanswered questions, simply because this virus is still relatively new. I have seen conflicting data over whether those who have contracted the virus have sufficient antibody response, with some reports being no, they still need the vaccine to some saying that recovering...
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    tired of chit-chat?- post / view a picture only here.

    I had one like that, although I don't remember it being green...
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    Will you take the vaccine

    We have veered into political territory here, and the slope is extremely far, everyone has been civil (thank you for that), but has often been noted, opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one... While the President nominates candidates for the Court, they must be approved by...
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    Another "what plug is under my seat" question

    Those don’t sound like factory connections. I would suggest taking pics and posting them here as well to help with figuring them out.
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    Which GoPro or Camera Editing Program?

    The other nice thing about DaVinci is that it is cross platform. I'm primarily a Mac user, but did recently add an Alienware laptop that I use for streaming.
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    For the Gen 1 models her sin the US that did not include flash-to-pass and the hazard switch, there was an easy swap from a Kawasaki Versys that used the exact same housing. This was the route I took on my 2012. I went back to find the thread, and realized I did a decent write up here...