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    Clinton From Kansas City

    Welcome I'm just down the road in Lawrence. You will know when you find the right one. Got mine on cycle trader. I have never regretted it.
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    Steve in South Central Missouri here,

    Welcome from Kansas. I really enjoy the winding roads you have in your state
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    Bonjour from France

    Welcome from Kansas. My bike has spent some time in your country thanks to the former owner.
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    Russ From Dallas, Oregon

    Welcome from Kansas
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    Hello from AZ

    Welcome from Kansas
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    John from Idaho "Spudman"

    Welcome from Kansas
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    Greetings from Central Virginia

    Welcome from Kansas
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    New member from Southern Oregon

    Welcome from Kansas
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    Welcome from Kansas. My bike has spent some time in your country with its former owner.
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    Welcome from Kansas
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    Hi from frozen Ont Canada

    Welcome from Kansas
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    Hello from eastern Kansas

    Welcome. I also live in the eastern part of the state
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    New in SW Wisconsin

    Welcome from Kansas. I also bought mine used. Be patient with your search you will know when the right one comes along.
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    New In Michigan

    Welcome from Kansas
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    Non Cajun in South Louisiana

    Welcome from Kansas. You must be long legged. I'm 6 3 and really like how it fits me. Any thoughts on adding more to the seat to get you up higher.
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    XT1200Z new member

    Welcome from Kansas
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    New 2020 XT1200ZE

    Congratulations and welcome from Kansas
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    Ridin’ in Rhody

    Welcome from Kansas. Bought mine for the dependable
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    Howdy from AZ!

    Welcome from Kansas. What a great state to be ridding in.
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    From South Dakota …..

    Welcome from Kansas. Glad to have you here.