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    Looking for "IM NOT A BMW" stickers

    You need a second line under your sticker, "that's for sure". Just kidding I love both bikes.
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    BMW recall 440,000 bikes....moments of appreciation

    that would be bad......homeless and trying to protect my BMW from the hoard.
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    BMW recall 440,000 bikes....moments of appreciation

    Just buy a gs or gsa and be happy already. Do your offspring need every penny left to them. You'll forget your ST in no time.
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    Black Hills Yamaha Super Tenere Rendezvous July 22nd - 25th, 2021 - Custer Crazy Horse Campground, Custer SD

    I'm doing Red Lodge and Bear Tooth on the way home. I try to do it every year. Charles Kuralt of 'On the Road' fame from the 60s claimed this to be the most beautiful stretch on road in America.
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    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    Madhatter your country needs you. Your fearlessness knows no limits, sign up for one of the vaccine trials, you're a natural.
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    Givi luggage mount

    I just mounted some Apache cases sold at Harbor Freight (model 4800). Then on Ebay I found that had a great mounting system. You can carry your luggage in a motel but more importantly remove for servicing the bike.The cases work great for my needs but are smaller at 24 liters of...
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    Aero full system long trip Ear pain

    Weight is more a problem of body fat. Bicyclist are the worst at going after a titanium frame that shaves a few pounds but beats the crap out of you because it's to rigid. I have not lost enough weight to worry about reducing the S10's extra poundage. For you fit as a fiddle riders I am jealous...
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    S10 and a T7

    Pricing is often directed by state laws. Here in Denver the price is as advertised. In AZ or CA the advertised price is not worth looking at. You call and ask for the "out the door" price and it can be plus $2,000. Missouri is also a good price to gauge what to pay elsewhere.
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    Ride report Colorado

    News to me, when did it go into effect? I was there 8/18-20 and saw no notice?
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    Ride report Colorado

    Network news stated Denver has the second worse air quality in the world as result of the wildfires. First I think all of our hearts collectively go out to California residents that are losing homes. RIDE SUGGESTION: You can still ride southern Colorado (depending on wind patterns) and...
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    SELLING LOCALLY, TO LAZY TO SHIP? SORRY Trade? Mosko Moto for hard panniers

    I have a set of Mosko Moto 35 liter bags to trade for hard panniers. They are like new, I got them with a bike that had 1700 miles on it and were unused. They were new in 2017 and came off a BMW f800gsa.
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    Idaho BRDR ride End of August 2020

    BUT, you staple up real nice. Hope your rehab goes well.
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    Dunlop TrailMax Mission Tires

    Better Jeckyll better for sure thanks
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    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    WOW, don't waste your typing skills CW
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    Yuasa Battery?

    State side you can buy it on Amazon and add acid and charge it....half the price.
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    Dunlop TrailMax Mission Tires

    I'll try 32 and 38 and a 300 mile plus ride up Poudre Canyon and back home on Wednesday.
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    Dunlop TrailMax Mission Tires

    36 and 42 should I go 30 and 36? I am 248 in my undies.
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    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    Where are all the 'fake news', no mask for me, I'll infect a few, posters at now?