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  1. dannyv

    Show us what keyring you have !

    I don't like the keys rattling around the ignition switch, I take the main key off, the others (panniers, house key) stay in my pocket. Blue key is an Ebay thing, I had ground at the key shop up the street.
  2. dannyv

    New Zumo XT

    Dang. Anyone want to buy my 595? $500. Okay, I can wish. I'll even pay shipping.
  3. dannyv

    hearing aids

    I get that, absolutely, the wind noise is the problem. I even went for a Neotec 2, in hopes it would be better then my HJC. But- not sure if hearing aids will be compatible with any helmet, or if they will help.
  4. dannyv

    hearing aids

    Just finished a good thread about using hearing protection. Did not get a clear idea of how many guys are wearing hearing aids. Yesterday I plopped down enough bucks (almost) to buy a T7, for a pair of the latest greatest hearing aids. I did tell the Doc that I ride, and these would have to...
  5. dannyv

    Super Tenere Rally 2021

    Sorry, I don't see my mask coming off until September. Any sooner is too soon for gatherings, for me.
  6. dannyv

    S10 Hand Guard Extensions

    Having a pair printed, forget where I saw a posting for files to 3D print them facebook group?). I think the pattern here might be a little more robust, but the printed version will not require fasteners showing, I think. We will see. It is blowing sleet and wet crap outside right now- I...
  7. dannyv

    XT1200 Super Tenere dropped by Yamaha in Europe/UK

    Glad it is not just me. I have played around, but I can't tell what is happening, so I set everything back to mid setting. Now I pretty much leave it there.
  8. dannyv

    S10 Hand Guard Extensions

    Very nice, something I had been thinking of. Do you by any chance have a CAD file, DXF or whatever? I might like to lower the top lip about 3/4 inch. And if I have DXF I can shoot it over to a buddy with a large format printer. I can PM my email address. Thanks!
  9. dannyv

    Will you take the vaccine

    I can not imagine NOT taking it. Y'all are over-complicating things.
  10. dannyv

    XT1200 Super Tenere dropped by Yamaha in Europe/UK

    The Yamaha web page just showed up with a 2021 listed. New(ish) color even. in the US. Could EU pollution rules be kicking in on the S10?
  11. dannyv

    90 Octane Ethanol Free Gasoline

    Wish it was that way in Indiana. I have to go way out of my way to get the good stuff.
  12. dannyv

    90 Octane Ethanol Free Gasoline

    Cycledude- check your sources, I would be very surprised to hear Wisc. has different premium then the rest of the US. Unless you have found an outlet that does it differently. Chance are, your premium has 10 percent like everything else. Other additives help with octane. If they were...
  13. dannyv

    90 Octane Ethanol Free Gasoline

    That little bit of octane difference is not going to matter. For sure, go with non-ethanol if you can. I get better MPG with it, but I have to ride 10 miles to get it. For Winter storage, I'll use it for sure. I use it in my yard tools too, the chain saw damn near won't start with ethanol...
  14. dannyv

    New owner from Columbus

    Welcome. You live just North of a handful of roads I am eager to ride- in Southern Ohio. For what it is worth- my big beer gut, and my overweight daughter, make 2 up uncomfortable no matter what top case I have on. It is a shame, my (special needs) kid loves to have motorcycle rides.
  15. dannyv

    My Super Tenere luggage

    Ticket? Wait- what does the little "+" sign button do? I know it will cruise at very high speeds.
  16. dannyv

    My Super Tenere luggage

    I have arthritis issues too, gets me worse on the right though. A little CBD cream, sometimes a brace to stop swelling, helps. (Might also help if I would stop tossing the frisbee for my dog!) Might be a 700 in my future, but for now, cruise is essential.
  17. dannyv

    S10 Among GS

    Maybe your bike was just nervous around those GSs? Just tell her, no need to worry, she can run with them just fine.
  18. dannyv

    New Member

    Welcome, these folks are pretty easy to live with. And you might ride with some of us, one day! -Dan
  19. dannyv

    SOLD - Super clean F150 with extras. Price to drop weekly till gone.

    Have you seen what Glen C. did with his Transit?
  20. dannyv

    SOLD: Gen 1 Madstad windshield brackets with cross bar

    Looks like the set I bought from ebay. They said it was to fit Gen 2, but nope, made for Gen 1. Happy ending, someone on facebook wanted them for his older bike. And I bought Madstad.