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    Rectifier/regulator beeping? Bike is dead

    Take your battery out and charge it separately. If it stays dead too long you will need a new battery. That's not to say that maybe, in what would be an eerie coincidence, your battery got an internal short the evening you did all that work, and took a shit by itself.
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    Tracer 9 GT+ test ride

    Those are "BMW lifetime" chains. :p
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    Tracer 9 GT+ test ride

    I'm with Longdog Cymru. I have a friend that recently bought the GTplus and we went for a 300 mile ride. I rode it half of that. IF you are more of a sport rider than just a putzer, there is no comparison. the GTplus is razor sharp compared to the Tenere. The one I rode was almost Goldwing...
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    Key Problems

    I have the same problem as Tenman. It's a crap shoot how long it's going to take to unlock my steering, so I only use it if I absolutely have to. @mituk Yes, I would take the BIKE to a locksmith and see what they tell you.
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    Key Problems

    Well, it sounds like it's the key cylinder that's at fault, not the switch per se. You can buy a switch if you want, but it "might" be an easy fix for a locksmith.
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    Key Problems

    It's hard to believe that a key that is cut identically on both sides will only work one way, and the others virtually won't work at all in the ignition but will work everywhere else, so I'm with Sierra 1 on this. Before I bought a new ignition switch though, I would take the bike to a...
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    Quietest Muffler With Header Swap

    That "mesh" as you call it, is the spark arrestor , and should NOT be removed. At least if you ever plan to ride it off road, that is. Why don't you just get a long 1/2" drill bit and drill some holes in the muffler plates inside the muffler itself. Then you can put all that other stuff back on...
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    ABS Bypassing

    I think you meant to say "can't" , not can. Don't worry man, I got your back, LOL.
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    ABS Bypassing

    I think you meant to say "disk" every time you said caliper.
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    Used S10 advice

    The "hi mileage" bike has a little over 31,000 miles. That's $4000.00.
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    Any S10 Rally’s planed 2024?

    Romney W.V. (in case it wasn't posted elsewhere)
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    Improving brake performance

    EBC FA380HH pads are your Huckleberry.
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    Front Guard - Does it exist

    I would be more worried about how you mounted your horns. Looks to me like the first time those forks get anywhere near the bottom of their stroke, the fender is going to bash into your horns.
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    ABS Bypassing

    I "think" you have a bad master cylinder, so I would wait until you install the one you ordered before I did anything else.
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    The anything thread.

    Looks like he had to "lay 'er down" a couple of times too;)
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    Shinko 705: A cautionary tale

    @twinrider What are these Shinko 708's you speak of?
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    Shinko 705: A cautionary tale

    I loved the handling of the 705's and never had a problem with them other than a relatively short life span for the rear, (4000-4500 mi) but the fronts would last at least double that. The 804 and 805 were noisy but handled well also, but kinda the same thing with short life on the rear. The...
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    Rear brake weirdness, no rear ABS, and ABS light on- 2013 w/70K miles.

    From what you're describing, it sounds like your ABS pump is taking a poo poo.:mad:
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    Suspension linkage bearing replacement - any tips?

    You have to replace the seal regardless, because you will compromise it by removing it. Either get a screwdriver and pry it out or drill a little hole in the side of it and stick a bent coat hanger, or something like it, in the hole, and pull it out. The bearing race is going to be a lot more...
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    Chain Breaker and Riveter.

    Out on the road the chain already did the breaking for you!!:D