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  1. jpward

    Little Blue Adventures

    Great photos! I ride a wr250r as my second bike to the S10, and absolutely love it. How do the trial type tires do in the mud?
  2. jpward

    Is this political? I don’t know - POLL ADDED

    Why is this discussion on a motorcycle forum?
  3. jpward

    The next chapter...KTM Super Adventure S

    Nice looking Jesse's. I have the same ones on my Tenere, and they have survived multiple hard crashes as well. Just bend 'em back in shape and hit the road!
  4. jpward

    Long Way Up, anyone else watch it?

    I thought it was a good adventure story. They faced unique challenges, and it was interesting to see the flexibility necessary to overcome obstacles.
  5. jpward

    Wheel Bearings

    My front wheel bearing failed at 25k miles. My rear bearing exploded at 45k miles destroying the entire hub. I've never pressure washed it, never submerged the hubs, but I do ride in the rain. The other factor is I ride 2-up a great deal with camping gear. I will replace mine every 25k miles...
  6. jpward

    Aerostich R3

    I agree! I finally got my 'Stich a year ago and wish I would have gotten it sooner. This is a highly refined piece of equipment with all the right pockets, vents, and comfort. I wear my Roadcrafter from 20 degrees to over 100 - all season long.
  7. jpward

    Just hit 70,000 miles, and soliciting maintenance opinions

    Sorry to hear about your buddy and the trip, but it sounds like you made the most of it. My rear non-drive wheel bearing failed catastrophically on my '16 ST recently. I have 46,00 miles on it. My bill is $1300 to replace/repair all of the parts you listed. I am surprised to learn of all the...
  8. jpward

    Rear Hub Parts Needed

    Thanks Eric! They are on order, and my Fall trip may happen after all! BTW, I love my RUMBUX! Cheers, Jeff
  9. jpward

    Rear Hub Parts Needed

    Hi All, My rear hub was destroyed by a bad bearing, and my shop cannot find these last two parts: 23P-2537A-00-00 Rear Sensor Housing. 23P-2581A-10-00 Disk Plate. Anybody know of a salvage bike or yard? Thanks in advance! Thanks, Jeff
  10. jpward

    Need expert help!

    Hub, rotor, speed sensor housing, bearings, and a few other things I can't remember. The dealership said two ball bearings came out.
  11. jpward

    Need expert help!

    My Yamaha dealer replaced my rear tire, and when re-installing the wheel they did not install it properly. The mistake they made was they did not align the tabs on the speed sensor housing. The bike was fine for 1500 miles, but the first time I activated ABS, the wheel made a grinding noise...
  12. jpward

    2015 ST New to me

    Sexy beast!!
  13. jpward

    2012 Blue Tenere Checking in

    She's a beauty. Love the blue! Welcome.
  14. jpward

    Best heated (wired) gloves?

    I just got the Hippo Hands Alcan muffs, and I am able to wear summer gloves with my heated grips.
  15. jpward

    Mount a Pelican Air 1507 to Altrider rack

    I have had success using inner tubes as a cushion between the box and the rack.
  16. jpward

    Roadccafter or Roadcrafter light

    I love my Aerostitch Roadcrafter 2-piece. It is getting better with age, and made in the USA!
  17. jpward

    Handlebar mitts

    I just got the Hippo Hands Alcan, and the fit is excellent on the OEM handguards.
  18. jpward

    Klim Hardanger 1 piece suit review

    My Aerostitch Roadcrafter is excellent. And made in the USA! I upgraded from Klim pants and jacket.
  19. jpward

    The new Mitas E07 Adventure tire (tyre)

    Well shoot. I have a brand new pair of K60's on the bike now with a trip planned to rainy Vancouver Island. Riding 2-up with my girlfriend. I'll take it easy. Thanks for the heads up.
  20. jpward

    The new Mitas E07 Adventure tire (tyre)

    I sure miss the original Mitas E07 (non-Dakar in my case). It was excellent on wet and dry pavement and very good on gravel roads. I got 8K miles on the rear. I only got 5K miles on the E07+. The MotoZ Tractionator got good mileage (12K miles), but it "stepped out" on wet pavement. Now I am...